Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August Road Trip

In August, we went on a road trip.  We stopped in Cleveland for a weekend and then drove to Iowa for a couple of weeks, stopping back in Cleveland on the way home.  I'll post my photos from my phone later, but here are some highlights from my camera.

Fish became a lawnboy. 

He loved riding on the lawn mower with Papa. 

He also became a "popcorn" boy (as he lovingly refers to corn on the cob). 

Papa put him to work shucking the sweet corn for dinner one night. 

Despite the faces in the photos, he actually really does love sweet corn. 

Finn got out my Barbies from when I was little.  It was fun to watch her play with my old toys. 

Fish had to have pigtails a couple of times while we were there.  This is just photo evidence. 

She is such a sassafras 

Wanting to be just like sister 

We hit up the local aquamarine while we were there with cousins.

We also had the opportunity to drive down to Iowa City and see Kinnick Stadium -- where the Hawkeyes play. 

Their cousins Owen & Reid celebrated their birthdays with a party.  It was really fun! 

Fish crashed the motorized truck into the tree. 

He thought that if he couldn't see me, that I couldn't see him to yell at him. 

Watching gifts be opened. 


Mimi & Finn 

Papa & Fish & Finn 

While playing in the sandbox, they found a toad.  Fish was really brave in holding it until it moved.  Then he freaked out and dropped it.