Thursday, December 22, 2016

Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man...

In one of my last of many (MANY) trips to Michael's this holiday season, I meandered the holiday aisles like I always do.  This time, everything was 70% off.  It was like my holiday freak flag tripled in size.  I think that I ended up with wreath hangers in my cart, holiday tags, candles & more.  I also ended up with about 16 sets of light.  This year, I decided on LED lights for my outside lights -- big mistake, HUGE.  LED lights are supposed to be energy efficient, they say.  LED lights are supposed to last 3 years, they say.  LED lights are the biggest pain in my ass EVAH.  Within the first two weeks, I had sections of my lights go out -- only to then turn back on the next day.  One day, I had literally 50% of my lights out.  The very next day, no joke, 98% of them were back on.  Never again.  I'll be the old lady clinging to her rabbit ear TV before I buy LED lights again.

Anyways, while perusing the holiday extravaganza, I came across gingerbread house kits.  We have never decorated gingerbread houses.  But these were only $2.99 and they were already constructed!!!!  Just pop them out of the box and start decorating.  So decorate we did.  And it was an amazing time.

Finorah took her job so seriously.  She meticulously placed frosting and then would search through her bowl of decorations to find the right one and place the decoration perfectly into place.  There was a strategy and she had a plan in her head.

Conall, well... Conall just wanted to eat all the things.  He started out placing frosting here and there.  Then he realized that he just could squeeze and a bunch would come out all at once.

All in all, gingerbread housing decorating was a success and it will probably become an annual tradition, if I can find the houses that are already constructed.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The head scratcher

Pennsylvania seems to be where blogs go to die.  Or at least my blog did that.  To be fair, this blog was more for myself, as a record keeping for memories and memories of my kids to be looked back on.  And I feel horrible that I lost this year -- a year filled with firsts and big developments for my kids.  I still have two drafts set up for both of the kids' first days of school this past September.  Each filled with photos, but just needed words.

I am at a total impasse of where to go from here.  Being that this is for my records, do I go ahead and word/photo vomit the past year on you guys?  Or do I just give a couple highlights and move onward and upward?

Until that point -- enjoy one of the most recent photos of the kids before school.