Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Couple Months in the Life (v.2015.9)

Sick baby boy

Fun travel pillows from Auntie Anita!

My pretty princess!

Playing hide & seek

Poor boy is too little to play at McDonald's and just has to sit and watch the whole time.

So we had our own fun at our table.

Isn't he the cutest thing?!?!?

Apparently, it was like a sauna in those tubes.

Finn made a portrait of Mommy & Daddy

The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

Finn and her Rapunzel hair

And we have our third word!  "truck!"
("kit kat" was his second, but I don't have that on video yet)

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Couple Months in the Life (v.2015.8)

While getting my hair did, E took the kids to the park & I got a photo from E of Fish with a big scrap on his head.

After I got home, I got the re-enactment of how he had to hold Finn over the toliet of the porta-potty because it was too dirty to sit on and how he held open the door to the porta-potty with his leg because Fish was standing outside freaking out.  I was belly-laughing by this point.

Daddy and his babies.

Pretty boy

Look at that drool!  Those teeth need to stop!

I was able to slip away for an evening to see the Zach Brown Band with my girlfriends.

The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

Hot Wheeler

Go, go, Power Wheels!

Breakfast out

Trying to figure out the straw

Playing in the sand box




Dance, dance, dance!!!!

Cheering on American Pharoah


The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

First word!  He held out on the one syllable words and threw out a double on the first try!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Couple Months in the Life (v.2015.7)

The many sleeping positions of Finn & Fish

Bunny teeth!

Trying to get into a walker solo

Sharp dressed man!

Beautiful boy

Finn heading down to the lake to go fishing with Owen & Uncle Cory

Fish and I walking behind

Fishing with Papa

The big lunker!

According to Finn, we hit the fish factory (or fish hatchery for anyone else in the know).

There was a website that you submit a photo to and it told you your age.  This was our first try.  I tried to make my skin as smooth as possible (Dad was laughing at my face). Big hint...  I'm NOT 49 and he is NOT 62.

Then I decided to make as many wrinkles on my face as possible.  Apparently my dad looks younger than me!

Finally I tried to take a regular one and apparently my senior photo hanging on the wall behind me (where I was 17 years old) looks 57, but I look 28!

Visiting in the Iowan wind farm

Silly boy!

Drag racin' in the grocery store.

My sister-in-law took some photos of me and the kids (which she is going to kill me because I never picked them up AGAIN), but she also got her kids out and took grandkids photos.   Fish was the Three Stooges sideshow with all the eye poking that he was doing.

Silly Fish.

Silly Finn & Fish

Tired baby snuggles.  I'm going to miss these.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Couple Months in the Life (v.2015.6)

Get ready...  I'm dumping my phone photos and there will probably be quite a few of these posts.  The photos start from after Easter if that gives you any ideas of how long its been since I've posted my phone photos.

Pizza dinners in the living room!

Videoing with cousins in Iowa

Eating breakfast out while Daddy is traveling.  Finn now likes to order for herself and gets very offended when you order for her.

The future Picasso -- such concentration!

Late night reading with company

Rough times (obviously)

Someone was upset that I took away the marker that he was drawing on his face with.

Her favorite song at the time -- because it says her name in it, duh!
Pay no attention to that awful singing voice-over that you hear...  Honestly...

Cute little video of discussions with a 3 year old.

Daddy came back from Ireland bearing LOTS of gifts...  Mostly Kinder Eggs.

We opened the last of her Frozen Kinder Eggs and we didn't get Anna...  She wasn't happy.



Our first trip to the park this year and we had to leave because he decided to stand up on the slide and got a bloody nose.

Fish learned to jump and it's the cutest thing on the planet.

He enjoyed his Kinder Egg a little TOO much.

Breakfast before school.

Getting stuck at a indoor playground in a fast-food chain that will remain unnamed.

Her last school project came home.  Notice the dinosaur in the egg...  It says
"IF I HAD A BABY DINOSAUR....  I would let him have drinks."
Parent of the year right here.