Friday, May 31, 2013

Short & sweet

 Just a quickie...

We went back to Iowa last weekend and were able to celebrate my Grandmother's 75th b-day with her.  It was wonderful being back and made me sad that I don't get to experience having family everyday.  My family is so wonderful and so supportive.  Being back made me realize how much I'm actually missing out on.  Maybe one day, we'll be able to live closer.  Until that day, I'll dream of home...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.10.4)

 Uh, oh --- Spaghetti O's!

Look at the 'stache!

 Somebody is NOT happy about her 'stache.

Scopin' for the ladies...

Sleeping beauty

We went home to Iowa for Memorial weekend.  My mother has a lot of musical Christmas toys that Finn and Owen (her 18 month-old cousin) love to play with.

Getting ready for our family photos -- check out the bed head...

Another great photo of her bedhead... 

The family went out for pizza and then decided to hit the part afterwards.  Family swinging!
(photo courtesy of Mandy)

Finorah didn't like when I was swinging really high.  I was squealing and she thought that I was scared, so she started crying.
(photo courtesy of Mandy)

Lady got in trouble with the PoPo and got frisked down as we left.

Daddy's girl! 

On the inside looking out 

Such a pretty girl with a knot on her forehead.

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.10.3)

The first two are technically iPhone photos.  But they are too funny NOT to share.
Daddy dresses her in the morning and always does a great job.  And unknown to him, these pants turned out to be low riders....

I like to call these her "Plumber Pants"

Who doesn't love a little butt crack every now and then?

I'm glad to say that our hunger strike is over.  We have found many food that the lady loves to eat.  Pork & Beans being one of them...

The hair is finally love enough to start to do some bath-time stylin'. 

We were Alfalfa for our last bathtime.

After bath, Daddy sat with her to read her a couple (meaning at least FIVE) bedtime stories.  She really loves books now.

And we have finally gotten around to installing cabinet locks on the doors.  Here she found our supply of latex gloves under the sink.

A typical Finorah dinner.  Chicken, onions, & corn with milk.

She has finally realized the delectable awesomeness of corn.  I think her Iowa roots are starting to come out.

Daddy had to give a talk at an American Cancer Society event on Friday night.  We tagged along.  She is such a hipster.

Listening to Daddy talk.

Her eyes are becoming so blue.  They are beautiful.

She is slowly (and I repeat, slowly) becoming a country girl...  Beginning with a pigtail.

She is now okay with walking on the sidewalk.  The grass is totally off limits still, even in shoes.  But now she will walk barefoot on the cement.

(Please excuse my hacking coughs.. I'm getting over a sinus infection.)  She LOVES playing with the cats.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby no more

I'm always a little slow on realizations.  A couple of weeks ago, I just realized that one of my good friends won't be just stopping by my house anymore.  Yeah, she moved nine months ago.  Hell, I didn't realize I was in labor and having a baby until the little bundle was sitting in my arms.  And even then, it seemed too surreal.  Well, that little bundle of love & screams is now 15 months old.  And she isn't a baby anymore.

Yes, that is my realization.  She isn't a baby anymore.  She is proving the fact more and more every day.  While I am truly excited about the next stage that we are entering into, I am also very nostalgic for a little over a year ago.  There are no more need for sleepers during the day, breastfeeding sessions, baby-wearing.  Hell, there really isn't anymore daily snuggling & rocking for naps (except on the weekends).  But as they say, one new beginning is some other beginnings end.  And we are beginning a wonderful new stage in which she amazes me everyday.

Her little brain is working overtime to figure this crazy world around her out.  And teaching her something and seeing her learn has to be one of the most amazing things any mother ever gets to experience.  I do realize that she has been learning a vast amount of information over the past 15 months.  But now the learning is occurring so quickly and you can see the results within minutes.  And as the proud mama and writer of this blog, here is a little horn-tooting for my little girl:

  • Sister loves books and knows the word for books.  If E & I are sitting in our bedroom and we ask her if she wants to read a book, she will walk into her room, pick up a book and bring it back to us in our bedroom.
  • In one 20 minute session, I almost got her to say a new word "bird".  I say almost because she said it once and unprompted.  But I can't certify that she would say it again if she saw a bird.  We sat on our patio and watched the birds at the bird feeder and each time a bird would land on the feeder, I would point and say "bird".  By the end, she was pointing when the birds landed and I would say "bird".  Then when Daddy got home, she pointed to the bird feeder and said "bird" (okay I think she probably said "birr", but it's a syllable that she doesn't normally say, so it totally counts).
  • She also now recognizes animals in books that we haven't read before with and can point them out  throughout the book.  We have a ton of old library books from a book sale that we have never read.  As we opened the "Go, Go Gorilla" book, I saw there was a mouse in the story.  We have a book that we read ALL the time during bedtime about the rhyme "Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?"  She can point out the mouse in that story.  So I asked her if she could find the mouse on that page before I showed it to her.  I didn't think that she would find it as this mouse had a yellow helmet on.  But she found it on her own!  She didn't find the mouse on each page, but on the low-chaos pages, she found that darn mouse immediately!
  • She also has a large grasp on most of what you talk to her about.  She understands a lot of what I say to her, although most times she doesn't agree with what I'm saying.  She does know what the word "no" means, although a lot of times she doesn't want to listen right away.

She is growing so quickly.  I'm sure in two years, I'm going to be typing about how I can't believe that she is a little kid and not a toddler.  I have been unable to relinquish the title of baby.  I think it's time.  I think that it's finally time to begin to embrace these toddler-years.  These will be gone in the blink of an eye as well, I'm sure.

I also have to throw in a color photo at the end.  The photo is quintessential "Morning Finorah".  But her eyes are such a stunning blue in the photo that when I turned it black & white -- it didn't seem to work (although all the others did).  So I'm posting a single color photo unprocessed and straight out of the camera.  The eyes say it all....

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.10.2)

Throwing biscuits to the dogs

Close up of my girl

She will throw a little tantrum when I tell her that she can't get in the cabinet to feed the puppies treats.

Trying to be like Mama with a bag over her shoulder and one of my shoes on

Grammy Pasker gave her a bunny for Xmas that has her singing "their" song on it.
Finorah won't let the puppies touch it.  And she will also cry if the bunny is not sitting up straight, which proves difficult as the bunny has absolutely NO backbone.

Poppin' tags with Daddy

Can you find Finorah?

Look at what Daddy found!!!!!

Looking through the rearview mirror

According to Daddy, she looks like an future axe murderer...

I had an even cuter video of her doing this -- without the 10 seconds on the end of her NOT wanting to show me her ears.  But I deleted it when I was trying to show it to E.

Finorah's gift to me on Mother's Day

Sitting pretty on our convention oven

Going out to dinner with the neighbors for Mother's Day.
She was quite the attraction while eating her yogurt.
Three tables around us were pointing and laughing at her.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring has sprung!

We have officially entered into summer-fever.  The weather is getting warmer and the green-ness is starting to pop out.  But the most fitting is that we have swapped out all of her winter clothes for her cute summer ones.  I have kept all the pants and all the cardigans in her closet for those chilly summer nights.  But everything else has been packed away in the storage bins in our easement.  Going through all those summer clothes made me super excited for hot weather.  She has some doozies in store for you guys!  

I am trying to acclimatize her to the textures of outside underneath her feet.  The poor girl is a total city-slicker, which we are going to HAVE to change.  The photo above was her initial reaction to being placed standing in the grass.  She started to cry, thinking that her toes were going to be touching the grass.  Once she realized that her shoes & socks were there to protect her delicate toes, she was slightly comfortable walking around.

With the warmer weather, we are going on evening walks almost daily.  It all started when a couple of the mom's from the group that I created got together and strolled around one of their neighborhoods.  The next night, we were unpacking groceries from the back of Chappy (our Honda Pilot -- anyone remember Iron Eagle?  Louis Gossett Jr's character was named Col. Charles "Chappy" Sinclair & he was a pilot and my brother and I used to watch that movie over and over again.  But I do have to say that it isn't all love for that movie in our household...)  Anyway, we were unpacking Chappy and Finorah saw her stroller and started frantically pointing at it and blabbering.

Walks are such a good time with her.  I initially used them to try to get her to fall asleep and take a nap as she is boycotting evening naps now.  But that's probably because she is sleeping for two hours at daycare.  So we would walk to lull her to sleep.  But Finn is so excited to be out and looking around that there is NO chance that she is going to sleep.  She is constantly pointing and talking about things that she is seeing in front of her.  Running into other dogs is especially her favorite.

Speaking of two hours naps, she is now sleeping in her crib completely through the night.  She will wake up anywhere between 4:30 -- 7:00.  She gets moved in our bed to finish out another couple of hours until E is ready to get up for work or until she wakes up completely.  And she is very slow to officially wake up.  She will open her eyes, but it will be a good 15-20 minutes before she is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.  She will lay in bed and stare at the ceiling or her Lambie, slowing waking up for the day.  Last night, she woke up a little after 4am.  She started screaming, which is unusual for her.  So I think that she had a nightmare.  She doesn't usually scream.  And when I brought her into bed with us, she laid there and just looked at me for about 10 minutes, which is unusual -- she usually will close her eyes almost immediately and fall back asleep within a minute.

And if you haven't already guessed, the girl is officially walking now.  She started about a week or so ago.  That's when I called it official, because that's when she walked out into the wide open space of the middle of a room (the kitchen) with nowhere in particular to go.  But she is quite the walker and it's so cute watching her walk with her arms bent and hands up by her shoulders to keep her balance.  Watching her waddle around, it's so hard to believe that just a year ago she was a teeny little newborn that was only a couple months old.

Time is going by too quickly...