Friday, May 30, 2014

On not sleeping and not sharing

Sleeping with the Fishes -- we aren't doing much of it recently.  We have hit the four-month wakefulness stretch.  A little less than two weeks ago, Fish started getting up at least 3-4 times a night to eat.  He was down to a single feeding in the middle of the night and then again early in the morning hours.  Not so much anymore.  At first, I was utterly confused as to why he was getting up so many times again in the night.  Now after remembering that this happened with Finn was around this age and remember the term "four-month wakefulness", it makes sense.

The Princess & The Pea -- my girl has become quite a brat of late.  I didn't know what was causing it.  I wasn't quite sure if this was just a I'm-two-and-this-is-how-two-year-olds-act thing.  But when she was a crank-pot from the instant of getting up, I knew something had to give.  At first, I blamed it on a new routine with me being home all the time.  Then I blamed it on the fact that she doesn't have the social interactions that she was used to at daycare.  Then it was the sugar -- I was going to cut out all her sugar! (which still isn't a terrible idea)  But I have finally realized the solution.  Girlfriend wasn't getting enough sleep.  After doing some research, I was realizing that she was running about two hours shy of the normal range.  After looking at her sleeping patterns and our bedtime/nap routine.  I decided to make some changes.  There has definitely been a significant change in her attitude.  We started implementing strict bedtime/nap TIMES -- she is in bed by a specific time.  Before I would just ask her to lay down, give her the iPad to watch some Barney and let her sleep on her own.  Only problem was that during naptime, she would lay there and watch Barney for up to three hours before falling asleep to nap!!!!  By that point, she was waking up from her nap at 6:00pm and then wouldn't want to go to bed at 8pm.  So arrivederci, dear ole' Barney (at least for nap & bed times).  Huge difference.  In the next two months, we are getting rid of the ole' binkie as well, which is going to prove to be a HUGE fight.

Chatty Cathy -- Just this week, someone has found his voice.  Like SERIOUSLY found his voice.  He will sit there and talk and talk and talk.  Mostly to his mobiles, but sometimes to me.  The dude loves to hear his voice -- LOUDLY. And I'm not talking about crying or screaming -- just a single syllable over and over and over again.  He has never been a big talker, but he now has the gift of gab.

Y'all know an over-sharer? -- Well, it's not Finn.  I'm really trying hard to get her to realize the benefits of sharing.  But I don't know how to break through her little two-year-old psyche.  At first, I thought she was going to be an excellent sharer.  She would hand Brother her lamb (which is her lovey) and she would give Brother a toy or two.  She would ask if Brother wanted some of her snacks.  But then I realized that she only wanted to share what she didn't want.  She was easily giving up something that she didn't want to play with first.  I think that once Fish starts grabbing things on his own, we are up for WWIII.  We are going to more playdates and meeting more kids, but the sharing thing just isn't happening despite my best efforts to explain.

Times are a'changin' -- I feel like in the last week Fish has completely changed.  He was still such a newborn up until a week or so ago.  Now he is a mover and a shaker, a talker, a head-holder-upper, a chunker, a sitter-up (with support), a spit-bubble-blower and a wide-eyed baby that can't stop looking around.  Now he has done all of that stuff here and there before, but now he seems to be doing all of it constantly!  He still sleeps quite a bit, but it seems like he is waking up more frequently during the day and he is becoming a fun baby.  My little squishy newborn is gone, replaced by a big squishy baby boy with big, blue eyes.

Poo happens -- Finn has been sporadically going on the pot for the last month or so.  Earlier this week, I thought we had finally turned the corner.  She requested underoos one morning.  I explained what that meant and we went potty.  I knew that it was going to mean a lot more work for me that day, but I was kind of excited to not have to change her poopy pants.  An hour later, we tried to go potty again.  Success!!!  It was the first time that she had gone potty twice in one day.  And then about 30 minutes later, she requested a diaper.  I tried to persuade her to stay in the underoos, but she insisted.  So the diaper went on.  I realized that it's because she had to poo and is scared to go on the pot.  So we are close to being potty trained, but still feel like we have a long ways to go.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.16) (& a helluva lot of photos)

This happened a lot sooner than I anticipated!  Three and a half months after his arrival, he is officially in a diaper one size smaller than his older sister.

Watch dog

Norman Bates

Someone was very excited about her first messy bun.

Just keeping the feet warm.

Born to rock!

This is how he LOVES to sleep -- with a blanket over his eyes.  Big time snuggler.

Finn found the drawer with the ziploc bags and proceeded to bag up all her fruits and veggies in her kitchen.

Fish thinks the dude in the mirror is a pretty funny guy.


Is it that dude in the mirror or Mommy that is so funny?

For Easter, Finn & Fish got the staple Peter Rabbit hollow chocolate bunny, just like the one that I used to get as a child complete with the same little book.  I found the booklet and started reading to Finn -- until I go to the second paragraph.  I didn't quite know how to explain to her what their father was doing in a pie.  I stopped reading and started drinking.

Someone has become a mover and a shaker.

Babysitting Brother

Exciting conversations

Napping in the weirdest position

Fish apparently doesn't like to sit back and relax

Playing in the water -- notice her entire belly is wet.

Everyday scene in her kitchen.  Lots of dishes, lots of experimenting.  That day?  Cheerio's and lime.

Swiper, no swiping!  (in this case, it's Stella who is trying to move in for her noodles)

I put in her first braid over the weekend and she loved it!

Me and my pup

Washing windows is pretty darn scary.

Normally when I come across a spider in the window, I whip out my cleaner and spray them until they either fall out of the window or if they fall inside, the cleaner disorients them enough for me to kill them.  This time, I was in the bay window of the kitchen.  I texted E, telling him that this window was HIS job.  I wasn't going to have a spider fall on my lap!!!!!!

Finn took a photo of me rocking Brother to sleep

Someone got a ride through the yard last weekend

Arts & Crafting!

We have hit that major milestone that I was dreading.  She now realizes that she can do things for herself.  Evidence?  While in the living room feeding Brother, she pushed her little chair over to the counter first.  Upon realizing that she still can't reach the counter, she pushed the big chair over.  What did she want?  Papertowels -- about 5 of them!

Learning to recognize our numbers while eating lunch.  Munk is just waiting for scraps.

Another escapade while I was feeding Brother.  She is now able to open the frig, got out the Velveeta and was cutting herself a piece of cheese (by slicing right down the middle of the block).

It's gettin' hot in here... So take off all your clothes!!!!

Jabber jaw, talking to his mobile.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gone fishin at 16 weeks

---According to our unscientific weigh-in this morning, Fish is topping the scales at 17.6 pounds!  And our unscientific length measurement has him stretching out at 27 inches!!  He has gained over 8 pounds and 5 inches in four months!  We have his four month doctor's appointment next Monday, so I'll update with accurate measurements next week.
---The big dude is in size 3 diapers!!!!  We switched over to those this past weekend.  The blow-outs were happening with more frequency and his big gut just wasn't fitting as well in those ole' #2's.

---Fish is also in 3-6 month clothes.  He has been in that size since his last update.  We are getting snug in some of the onesies -- both in length and in gut checks.  And a lot of his pants are getting too small and becoming high-waters.  The two pairs of jeans that I have for him are also getting a little snug around the waist.  I'm thankful for the warmer weather coming on to us -- that means less clothes and being less likely to have to move up a size (or buy another wardrobe in the bigger size for summer AND fall).  The plan is to get away with onesies and some shorts for the summer.  My hope is that he will fit into 3-6 months for most of the summer and we will move into 6-9 a lot closer to fall, but I'm not holding my breath.
---Brother is all about trying to stand up and strengthen his legs.  He doesn't do it well, but really enjoys it.  He can hold himself for a second or two before his knees buckle.  We are going to be doing a lot of the Kickin' Coaster for him!  He has really starting kicking his legs when he is laying down lately as well.  When he gets excited, you should see him go!

---There is no rolling being done yet.  He is kicking his legs when he is on his tummy, but doesn't show any sign of throwing them up in the air to help him flip over.  But he is the master of rolling from his back to his tummy on the bed.  Maybe the softness of the mattress gives him the extra momentum to get going.
---This past week, we have really hit our stride of grasping something with two hands and shoving shit in his mouth.  He could always grasp onto things, but now he is actively reaches out to hold onto things.  And he will grasp it with one hand and move it to the center of his chest so his other hand can get in on the action as well.

---Fish has decided to also strengthen up his vocal chords.  In the last week or so, he has suddenly got very vocal.  Babbling, giggling, and even a squeal here or there.  He and I have the most interesting conversations.
---This is a kid that loves to look at the world.  He loves sitting up.  His abs are strong enough to hold himself up yet.  We get a couple of seconds before he falls over.  It's great to sit on the couch or the bed and not have to hold him.  Just placing him in your lap is enough to keep him upright and lovin' life.
---So sleeping has hit a little bit of a rough patch.  He sleeps with us (of course).  But he is now waking at least 3-4 times a night to nurse.  We were down to once a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason, he isn't sleeping through the night like he used to be.  I would really love a good night's sleep, but know that will come later.  I would just like to get it to once a night again.  Finn didn't sleep through the night until after 12 months and still nursed during the night until at least 11 months.  

---Brother has got this napping thing down!  He sleeps for 2 hours most mornings and he will take a good nap in the afternoon and then again in the evening.  I'm wondering if he isn't getting enough to eat during the day and therefore has to wake up at night to feed.  
---Tummy time is a little bit of a struggle.  He enjoys himself initlaly, but it doesn't last for more than 5 minutes and he is then over it.  But his head strength is doing well!  He can lift his head pretty high and hold it there for quite a while.
---Fish is a big fan of bath time.  We are using a little infant ramp in our big bath tub.  It works well, but now that he is sitting up pretty well with assistance, we will probably move down to the kitchen sink.  It will be easier to get him in and out and still keep my eye on Finn!

---Fish's favorites right now?
     -----He is in love with his Mama.  I get lots and lots of smiles and laughter.  And his legs go, go, go when he sees me coming to pick him up!  He definitely recognizes Daddy and bestows smiles on him as well -- but I have the food supply.
     -----He really loves this orange tiger that he got for Easter.  It is the perfect size for his little hands and he makes out with him whenever he gets the chance.
     -----He LOVES to snuggle with a blanket when he sleeps.  Absolutely LOVES it.
     -----He also loves his big sister.  She gets megawatt smiles whenever she enters into his line of sight.

Comparison shot of Fish and Finn at 16 weeks
He weighs over 2 pounds & has 2 inches more on her!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Where the Sidewalk (Chalk) Ends

With the weather getting nicer and hopefully warmer soon (it's only been in the 60s or low 70s 'round this joint), we are trying to get outside more and more.  We started on Wednesday by whipping out the sidewalk chalk.

Fish hung out in his little Momma-crafted tent for a good 60 minutes and was pretty much content.  Even babies love being outside!  Momma got a beer for herself, Finn got a popsicle, and Fish got a binky.  We drew (or mostly Mom drew) and listened to some downhome music.  There aren't many words to go with this post -- just lots of pretty photos.  Despite the pants, summer has officially begun at our house!