Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Week in the Life (v.2015.15)

School Daze 9.1 (Pajama Day!)

Fun with face stickers

School Daze 9.2

Lookin' like a stylish New Yorker

Dinner with my hands full!

School Daze 10.1

Fish is an Angry Elf!

Which part do you think the kids decorated?

I love you!

School Daze 10.2

School Daze 10.3

Finn came home as a pilgrim from her Thanksgiving feast!

Celebrating Munk's 10th birthday with a doggie donut and candle
Granny sent them Advent Calendars -- they were over the moon!

School Daze 11.1

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Mimi

All is quiet in the kitchen

Kids run amok when football is on!

School Daze 12.1

Baby it's cold outside (not really)

School Daze 12.2

School Daze 12.3

Funny faces

Running in our undies

It's like his part mountain goat

Art therapy (and wine therapy)

I made this on the Friday night before we were selected for the Rose Bowl -- it's like the universe was trying to tell me something.

Someone fell asleep with a lolly in her mouth!

School Daze 13.1

Holiday card drinking

School Daze 13.2

Polar opposites

Someone's donut turned her into Rudolph the red-sprinkle nose!

E's work holiday party was at the Jersey shore

The kids really enjoyed themselves on the beach because the weather was great!

Not a bad view for a holiday work party!

The kiddie table

School Daze 14.1

Gingerbread beer and reindeer

School Daze 14.2

The sass is strong in this one

Lovin' on Lucy

My finished reindeer

School daze 14.3 (Holiday concert)

We got some musical holiday cards from Mimi -- the kids enjoyed them.

School Daze 15.1
Someone was upset that she had to go to school even though her cousins were staying with us (but the teachers need their holiday present, Finn!  You are the sacrificial lamb to get them their gifts!)

Monday, December 21, 2015

What the World Needs Now

Finn had her school holiday concert last week on Friday.  It was filled with cuteness overload.  We apparently weren't in on the memo that you had to be there 20 minutes before the concert began in order to get good seats.  But you can see her through the other parents' heads.  She was pretty darn cute.  Our neighbor girls who are in the class older than Finn were also a part of the concert (they are the twins who you see in some of the videos).

Here Comes Suzy Snowflake

Must Be Santa

Fish was pretty excited to see Sister sitting up there singing her little heart out.

What the World Needs Now

After all the singing was done, there was a Santa sighting!  He even stayed to let the kids sit on his lap. 

Everyone was excited to be seeing Santa while we were waiting in line.  But the story took a disastrous turn once it was our turn to sit on his lap.  Finn instantly ran away and behind strangers to hide.  Fish was thrown on his lap and tears were instant.  E grabbed Finn and threw her on Santa's lap and these two were the only shots I got before Fish made a break for it.

Once Fish got his candy cane, he was having nothing to do with Santa!

Once Fish exited stage right, Finn wouldn't utter a peep.  Even at the prodding of myself to at least tell Santa what she DIDN'T want.  Of course, Finn still didn't tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.  She might end up with trucks.