Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Life Lately

Being that I did developmental updates on both kids, I figured I might as well complete the circle and do some updates on us as a family, us individually, the pets, the new & old house, and such.

In the past month, we have had E's birthday, Munk's birthday, and Thanksgiving.  E's birthday fell on a Sunday.  We didn't go much for it as he had an important meeting to prepare for the following day.  So the kids and I went out to grab some dinner to bring in to him.  One the way in, we stopped at the grocery store and bought some little cupcakes.  Once we got to his building, the kids & I had a fun time trying to "sneak up" to the building as his window in his office faces the parking lot.  And once we were at the door of the building (it's secured so we have to call him to gain entry), the sun had already set & I gave each kid a cupcake with a candle in it and lit them.  So when he turned the corner, all he saw was his two kids standing outside in the dark each with little cupcakes & candles.  It was really sweet.

Munk also had a birthday this month.  He turned the big 1-0.  It's hard to believe that he is that old already, but it's also hard to remember life without him.  We have recently switched his food to a food specifically designed for older dogs to help them "brighten their minds".  E thinks that it's all a bunch of hocus pocus.  But I think that I see him being more social with us and laying downstairs by us more.  The quality of the food isn't the greatest, but if I see improvement, I'll probably continue it for the time being.  He is getting more noise phobic in his older age and spends a lot of times upstairs on his dog bed (which is in our bedroom) because the kids are too noisy for it and it frightens him.  There are some days that he doesn't want to come inside (and you can tell it's because he is scared) after being out first thing in the morning.  So we let him sit outside and check on him regularly.  He usually stays in the same place and just lays outside.  Our new place has an underground system, but the driveway isn't included and he has always been really sensitive to that kind of training that we are just trusting him outside.

Thanksgiving came and went as well.  We had E's parents down for Thanksgiving as well as having one of the guys that works for him over.  It was a nice quiet Thanksgiving and it was wonderful getting to spend time with E's parents.  We didn't do any Black Friday shopping, but spent the evening before scoping out the ads and discussing the fall of TV prices.

Some upcoming things that we are excited about are taking a trip on the North Pole Express to see Santa, visiting the Macy's windows and Rockefeller tree, E & my 11th anniversary, spending Christmas with E's family at our place and visiting Iowa for Christmas.

Roaring like a lion!

The new house is all decked out for Christmas.  I was actually done decking before Thanksgiving.  I'm hopeful that I'll get either a little video tour done or some photos taken and have a holiday update of our new place.  The longer that we are here, the more that I get comfortable in this house.  And it looks quite beautiful with all it's Christmas bling up and on.

Speaking of holidays, our Christmas cards are finished and were ordered this morning.  So they should be on their way out on Monday morning (I'm hoping).  I had high hopes and high expectations from a lot of sources.  In the middle of the process of this year's card, I thought that I wasn't going to meet expectations.  But in seeing the finished product yesterday, I can finally pat myself on the back and say that I think they are pretty amazing.

We had to officially register Finn for next year at school and in doing so, we also enrolled Fish for school.  How is this even happening?!!?!?  Granted he is only 2.5, but we began Finn in a school setting when she turned 3.  He will be starting in their Step 1 program and going Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the next school year (i.e. fall) while Finn will be going Monday, Wednesday, & Friday to pre-K.  I'm not sure how he is going to do.  At the beginning of this school year, he was desperate to go to school with Finn.  But now, he doesn't even cry when she leaves.  He is perfectly fine being home with me and I love our mornings together.

Just a little nail update -- if any of you remember, when Fish was a wee one, he had issues with his big toenail.  It looked like the whole toenail was going to be an ingrown nail because his toes came up over his nail on every side.  He even went to an orthopedist who tried to stick cotton underneath his toenail to raise it up over the skin and ended up bending back his entire nail (needless to say, we didn't go back to that dude EVER -- even upon the suggestion of our old pediatrician when the ingrown-like nail came back).  Eventually, it worked itself out and the skin around his toe settled down and the nail started to strengthen up.  Well, the poor kid has just bad old luck with nails.  While at a Halloween party, he fell off a push scooter and his fingernail blackened immediately (and he screamed for about 3 minutes).  Just last week, his poor fingernail started to fall off.  I started freaking out -- but found it to be normal with severe nail trauma.  Well, today, the whole thing fell off.  Now the poor kid doesn't have a nail on his index finger of his left hand -- you can see if in the cat-hat photos (his fingernail is really red, that's because there is no nail there, only skin).  I read that 85% of the time, it grows back completely normal (I don't think he is going to have the luck on his side due to his previous experience with nails, but we'll see).

As you can see by the last three photos, we put on Fish in her old hat and put her new hat on her.  The results were too adorable not to share.

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