Monday, November 30, 2015

Fish Lately

This is extremely late -- he is already 22 months and I will probably be doing a 2 year update.  But I feel compel as I did one for Finn last month.
  • Fish is weighing in at 28.2 pounds and is 34.5 inches tall.  He is currently in 2T clothes.  I like to tease that he has little chicken legs.  His feet and his hands are still big.  He is wearing almost a size 8 and he is not even 2 (Finn only wears a 9 and she is three years older)!  But one of his big issues with shoes is that he has a really high top arch -- like his feet are really tall (if that makes sense) and they have always been really tall.
  • This boy is the apple of my eye.  He is amazing sweet (except for when he isn't).  If he feels like he has hurt you, he instantly turns around and starts smacking his lips to give you a kiss to make it feel better.
  • Fish is a big sleeper.  He always falls asleep within 5 minutes of laying down for the evening and is always one of the last ones to wake up.  He also still takes a nap during the late morning/early afternoon.  His average nap is about 2 hours long.  Somedays, he can nap for up to three hours!  And he is a natural born snuggler.  He loves snuggling when he gets tired.

  • Fish is also a big eater.  He loves to eat and he eats a lot.  He hasn't started to become picky yet.  But he does watch his sister and if she refuses to eat something, he will spit it out of his mouth and say "yuck" even if he has been eating it for the past five minutes.  His current favorites are grapes, yogurt (ultimate favorite), baked beans, & peas (!!).  We just found out a couple of days ago that he loves peas -- he even asks for seconds!
  • He is a very mobile boy.  Lots of running and jumping and climbing.  He learned who to pedal a tricycle last weekend.  He doesn't quite have the smooth circle motion, but he knows that if he pushes with one foot, he moves.  And then he will push with the other.  Another one of his new obsessions is climbing onto the island or the table from his chair.  He likes to splay himself out on his belly on top of the surface.  He grabs for things sometimes, but not all the times.
  • He is behind on talking.  He likes to tell stories, but it's all jabber.  He does say words, but his annunciation is a little off (as to be expected from a toddler trying to learn his words).  Words that he currently says are bye-bye, more, please, no, ball, doggie, cat, "ready!", "okay!", bug, truck, and car (although a lot of people wouldn't know the difference between certain words, ex: truck & car).  He knows the animal sounds for quite a few animals (cow, sheep, goat, cat, dog, pig, chicken).  And the kid understands EVERYTHING.  I think alot of his being behind on talking has to do with the fact that he doesn't want to do it.  If I ask him to say something, he will say "no".  I have taken to using it as a way to not give things to him he is doesn't try to say the word or at least try to say it (like a yogurt from the frig).

  • He completely adores his sister.  I like to "monkey see, monkey do" and it fits him perfectly.  If she is doing something, he must be doing it as well, even if two seconds earlier I had asked him and he said no.  One example that sticks out in my mind:  We were going on a long trip and I asked him once he was buckled into his car seat if he wanted his shoes off.  He said "no."  And I asked Sister if she wanted her shoes off.  She did and I took them off.  Then a racket began on the other side of the car bc Fish wanted his shoes off as well.  This is cuter than a puppy until she begins to play with a toy and he decides that he either wants to play with that same toy or that he wants to play with her.  Finn sometimes doesn't understand that at times he wants to play WITH her, which causes great angst.
  • His current favorite is trucks, but not just any trucks -- BIG trucks.  When we see construction vehicles or semis on the road, he gets so excited.  On our cu-de-sac, our neighbors have different garbage companies, so we have multiple sightings of garbage trucks.  We have to sit out on the porch (or watch from the window on yucky days) and watch the truck until it leaves from sight (if it's a good week, we can catch four garbage trucks -- two garbage and two recycling).  We also went to a Touch-A-Truck event and he was thrilled.  The event had tractors, fire trucks, semis, ambulances, cop cars, all sorts of construction vehicles and even a helicopter!  And the kids got to sit inside them and sometimes honk the horn! He had a great time!

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