Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is how I found them one morning last week.  They were laying in the exact same position, sleeping like babes.  It's a funny thing, sleeping with Finn -- at least for E.  She seems to gravitate to him.  I think that it's the law of physics.  In that, she rolls to his side of the bed due to his weight lowering the bed more on his side than mine.  He refuses to believe that and just thinks that she can smell him out.  He swears that the minute that he comes to bed and lays down, it begins.  He says that he will lay down, pick up the remote and before he can change the channel to The Big Bang Theory (you should be proud, Dad!), she already rolling from my side of the bed towards him.  He moves her to her crib and when she gets moved back to our bed to sleep out the early morning hours, I always find her in the same positions.  I find her exactly like the photo above and below.

She will lay as close to him as possible.  He scoots away as he likes his space when he sleeps and she finds him and scoots even closer.  She loves snuggling with her daddy in those early morning hours.  And I find it completely adorable (probably because she isn't crowding my side of the bed).

Her hair is getting longer, which means amazing bedhead in the morning.  She has very fine hair that frizzes fairly easily.  And it is exacerbated in those mornings after coming to bed with wet hair from the bath.  Her morning hair is slowly beginning to resemble Einstein's.  It makes me smile every morning she comes trotting into the bathroom as I am getting ready for work in the morning.

She will normally wake up and quietly pad her way down the hall to come charging into the bathroom while I sitting at my vanity putting on my daily creams.  She is always very interested in my morning routine and will pick up other bottles and mimic my actions.  Whether it's putting lotion into my hands to spread over my face or spraying hair products into my hair, she will raise up whatever bottle she has in her hands and move the bottle in a circular fashion over the top of her head or softly shake the bottle over an open palm and then drop it suddenly to be able to rub her hands together.  One of my favorites -- when I get out the lip gloss and slightly dab her lips with the sweet tasting gloss.  She will run to the mirror, look at her lips and will alternate between gently patting them together and puckering them like a fish.

She always shines in the morning.  The evenings are sometimes hard due to the difficulty of her day, but in the morning, she always shines.  She is soft and gentle, kind and good.  E says that there are some mornings, where he will feign sleeping, knowing that she is laying next to him awake.  He says that he will lay there and just listen to her softly sing to herself, perfectly content to be laying in bed with her daddy, being happy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.13.3)

In preparation for Fish, I bought her a doll.  Girl has become a mother hen! 

Easy Sunday morning breakfast in bed 

 Pretty pretty girl

Playing peekaboo with Munky & her lamb 

Can anybody find Munky?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flyin' high

This photo was from about a month ago.  It was taken when we took our pregnancy announcement photos.  I have quite a few of E & Finn and in some of them, the distance between the two makes my stomach do flips.  You don't realize how high in the air she is being thrown until you stop the action with a click of a camera.  The one above definitely isn't the highest she got.  But it's high enough for me.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gone fishin' at 17 weeks

Have you ever gone fishin' on a bright and sunny day?
With all the little fishes swimmin' up and down the bay?
With their hands in their pockets and their pockets in their pants
All the little fishes doin' a hoochie' coochie' dance.

Here's the first update on Fish & Chips.  As of today, I'm 17 weeks and definitely pregnant as the photo above shows.  Last week my stomach finally popped out.  Before that, I just looked pretty thick around the middle.  And when I say "finally", I don't mean I was overjoyed when it popped out.  But I was definitely relieved that I now look more pregnant than fat.

As a little recap, being this is my first post regarding my pregnancy, the first trimester was not kind of me.  With Lady I was beyond nauseous (having to roll onto my stomach and scoot off the bed, slowly landing on my knees before standing), but my doctor prescribed anti-nauseous medication which saved me.  This time around, I started with nausea and asked my doctor for the medication again.  I started taking it, but still felt awful.  I thought this meant that my morning sickness was so severe that it was coming through the medication.  Well, I forgot the medication on the trip to Ireland and realized then that the medication wasn't working at all.  The feeling that "was coming through" was the same feeling that I had when I didn't take the medication.  So I was stuck with this feeling of yuckiness.  The best way to describe the nausea is that it's the same feeling you get when you don't eat for several hours and are so hungry that you are nauseous.  Only this time, eating didn't make it go away (though I really did try to eat my way through it).

Also we know that Fish is a boy.  We know this because I'm old.  My age at the time of delivery puts me in the "advanced maternal age" category.  So we were able to get a special genetics test done to test for chromosomal abnormalities and being that they were looking directly at the baby's DNA, they could also tell us the sex.  We have our anatomy scan (which is when most people find out the sex of their baby if they are going to do it before hand) scheduled for early September, so you better bet that we are asking for verification (I really wanted Lady to have a sister).

If I'm being completely honest with you, the hormonal aspect of this pregnancy has made me whack-a-doo.  I've been pretty depressed for most of the first trimester.  We had had a lot of stressors (such as a flooded basement and me not being able to help due to being pregnant and also having to watch Lady) and it's difficult to be the sole care-giver for an 18 month-old with no family locally (E has been working a lot and she also refuses to let anyone do anything for her but me).  There are days where I would truly pillage a village to live closer to my family.  I think the eternal optimist in me that someday I'll be closer is what is making it difficult for me to accept my new normal.  But the hormones are also raging.  When I was pregnant with Lady, the movie trailer for "War Horse" would make me bawl -- it was so bad that I had to turn the channel whenever it came on.  My first severe hormonal bout?  I watched the Disney movie "Brave" over the weekend.  I think that I spent the last 45 minutes of that movie crying.  From the point where the mother turned into a bear (I'm totally crying right now by the way), I was a mess.  In fact, E asked me what was going on with the bear at this specific point (don't click on the link if you have never seen the movie and don't want it spoiled) and I put it to him simply "I'm too pregnant to watch this movie" because I was bawling too much to answer coherently.

As of this week, the nausea has been easing and I'll be thankful to never have that feeling again.  I haven't felt any kicking yet, but I can definitely feel when he is moving around in there.  I can't feel him moving a ton yet (maybe once or twice a day at around the same time each day), but I'm just waiting for that first kick.  I felt Lady kick at 19 weeks, so it should be any day now.  I'm also starting to talk about the baby to Lady, telling her there is a baby inside my tummy.  She points to my belly and tries to look inside my belly button whenever I say that.  Obviously, she thinks I'm lying as she can't see any babies in there.  Ha!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 18 months to my dear sweet lady!

 The photo above was taken on my new camera with the 2 second timer.  I normally take these photos with a remote, but don't have a remote for the newbie.  So I had to use the self-timer.  Lady refused to pay attention to the camera for the 10 second self-timer, so I had to revert to the 2 second self-timer and run to our designated focus spot (absolutely NO JOKE about that term) from pushing the camera button to the spot of focus.  Most of the photos of us had my hair flying behind me as I whipped around to face the camera.
  • Unscientifically, Finorah is weighing in at  28.5 lbs! (Again that unscientifically and she is refusing to cooperate at this moment in time...)  And she is 30.5 inches tall.  It’s weird to finally write that she is “tall” instead of “long”.  I guess a lot has changed since her first birthday.
  • She is in size four diapers and she is still in 12-18 month clothes.  I think that we could jump up a size if we are wearing onesies.  She has a really long torso, like her mama, so the snaps at the crotch are sometimes a little difficult to snap because girlfriend has the length.
  • She is still a phenomenal eater!  She will at least try anything that I put in front of her.  To “try” something, she will gingerly pick up whatever tidbit it is, stick out her tongue, and lightly tap the morsel against her tongue.  From that littlest of tastes, she decides if she wants to try the texture or not.  I cannot offer her the food to taste, she has to do it herself.  She is completely in love with blueberries, grapes, applesauce, noodles with red-sauce, ice cream & ketchup.  But she definitely likes all food.  It’s wonderful that we can go out to eat with her and I’m not concerned about the menu, knowing that she will readily eat whatever we decide to order.  In fact, last weekend, we went out as a family and she ate over half of her kiddie size portion of mac-n-cheese and put a solid dent in her fries.
  • We are definitely running now.  And we are also jumping – not high, but enough to be defined as jumping.  She loves to dance and dance and dance.  She has this certain dance of choice that she does when she is really excited.  The arms go up over her head in a semi-circle of sorts and one side will drop down to a “c” and then over to a reverse “c” with her opposite legs going up sumo-style.  It’s totally awesome to watch.  When we listen to the radio, she will get anger when the song is over and a commercial comes on – she will walk up to the counter where the radio is and point up while looking at me, telling me to put another song on.  She is also starting to get into stomping, a.k.a. running in place when she gets excited.

  • We now have 12 teeth with a gap between the top two front teeth (which I think is adorable).  The top and bottom four as well as having her first set of molars are all through.  And let me tell you, those molars (which came in at the beginning to middle of last month) totally blew.  She got all four at once and she was absolutely miserable.  Daycare even commented to E that something was really off about her – that she didn't laugh or play with others.  All she wanted to do was sit in the corner and play by herself.  Poor girl.  The teeth also coincided with us traveling to Ireland.
  • She has had her first international trip!  Her and I had traveled by plane when she was nine months to Iowa.  But this time, we were traveling for 12 hours (including the four hour car ride to our final destination in Ireland).  She surprised me quite a bit and was an excellent little traveler.  She was a busy traveler, running up and down the halls in the airport quite a bit.  But the plane rides were pretty decent (save the last 30 minutes of our final flight home – by that point, the poor girl was quite exhausted of traveling and just wanted to be around something familiar – as was Mama).  I was very nervous about traveling that distance with her, but she proved to me that my worrying was for naught. 
  • Now that she has mastered walking and running, girlfriend is working on mastering talking.  She can say “mama”, “dada”, "book", "ball", "paper", “doggie”, “meow”, “ride”, “milk”, “apple”, “hello”, “duck”, “Munkers”, “Baba (for Bishop)”.  Her latest run-in with geniusness – two nights ago, she handed me her “Gossie the Gosling” book and said “duck”.  The poor girl has to get tired of hearing me squeal “you are so smart!” at every new thing she does.  She is also the master at repeating the final word that you say.  For example, last night she repeated “ready?” when I said “are you ready?” and then “let’s go” when I said that prior to going upstairs to go to bed.  But I personally don’t constitute those as words that she says until she using them on her own. 
  • Now that baby #2 is on the way, we really need to concentrate on her sleeping habits.  She still doesn't sleep through the night. It’s the same song and dance as before.  She will fall asleep in our bed, we will move her into her room and then she will wake up in the middle of the night, crying for our bed.  We have 6 months to get her to sleep in her own bed (probably sooner than that, as I know that sleeping isn't going to be easy later in this pregnancy).  I’m still working on a plan for that transition.  I’m realizing that she needs to go to sleep in her own bed initially, and not fall asleep in ours, but I’m not sure how to get her to lay down and fall asleep in her crib.  Still working on that one.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.13.2) -- the Saturday morning version

Daddy left us on Friday evening to visit a friend in Scranton -- that meant Saturday morning breakfast was just us girls...  Sharing breakfast at the wee table Papa made.

You want me to eat that?!?!?!?!?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summertime and the livin' is easy

Summertime is practically over and school is starting up again.  I'm not really sure where the summer went.  And I feel like I've been neglecting the photographing that I should have been.  Since we have arrived back from Ireland, this is about all I got.  We went up to Leurenkill for E's father's 77th birthday.  I didn't even get any photographs of the family...

And before I continue, the above photo -- yeah, she HATED the pool.  I was shocked.  But it had rained the entire day before and the water was quite chilly.  I had to run down to the cabin to change into my (my sister in law's) suit in hopes of me getting her used to the water (because once you were in the water for about a minute or two, it was perfectly fine).  After suiting up and trying to dip down in the water with her, she was screaming, thinking that I was trying to torture her.  We gave up and hit the swings where she fell asleep -- someone happened to be tired.

The next photos are from yesterday (not Leurenkill).  She loves the swings and parkgrounds, in general.  I'm hopeful that once my first trimester symptoms go away (I am 16 weeks now, so hopefully they are on their way out), I'll be able to pick the camera again.  Another push in the right direction?  E gave me a new camera for my birthday.  It should be arriving on Monday and it may take a little to get used to.  I'm moving from a crop sensor SLR to a full-frame.  I'm very excited.

Not only is it an upgrade to a full-frame -- but it's also double the mega pixels!  I am currently using a Canon 40d with 10.1 megapixels, which has been my trusty steed for the past 5 years.  I'm moving up to a Canon 6d with 20.2 megapixels!  Plus it also has a video camera built into (that has decent reviews).  My goal with the new camera is to jump into Manual mode -- something that I've been wanting to do for a while, but have just been lazy.

Hopefully, you won't see a decrease in the photos with the manual jump -- and only see an increase in my creativity with a whole new world opening up.  She turned 18 months this past week.  And I'm going to do an update -- like old times.  I'm also going to do another Mama & Finn photo for comparison sake.  The last time I did one of those was 14 months.  My plan for the first year was every 4 weeks and my goal for the second was every two months.  I skipped 16 months because I completely forgot with this pregnancy thing happening...

I'm also contemplating changing up the blog -- I mean, it's going to happen; I'm just trying to figure how it will happen.  With the arrival of Fish & Chip (a.k.a. baby #2), I won't be just featuring Finorah.  So I have to figure out how to change things to fit the new arrival.  But I still have six months left.

I'm trying to enjoy the closing of summer -- but can't say that I'm going to miss it.  I felt like crap for the majority of the summer and I'm very excited for fall, cool temperatures and the autumn smells to come.  I also know that even though the kids are returning to school and fall is technically around the corner, I still have about two months of warmer weather still to go.  Of course, Finn loves the warm weather and I feel guilty wishing away precious time.  But I didn't need maternity clothes with Finorah until well into fall.  So I have absolutely nothing to wear currently.  I'm trying to wear dresses and yoga pants -- but that means that I have to shave my legs most of the time.  Ugh.

I don't want to write too much about Finorah lately, as I'm saving that for her update. So I'll leave you with a couple more photos of our latest trip to the playground.  Girlfriend is in love with swings & slides.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.13.1)

Pretty girl

Crazy phone photo shoot with Mama 

Munk wanted in on the photos, too!