Friday, April 29, 2016

A Week in the Life (v2016.2)

February was quite a busy month for us!

School Daze 18.1 

School Daze 18.2 

This was fog outside our front door.  It was so creepy! 

A little look inside Finn's school day. 

Fish was starting to take interest in the potty (for a hot minute). 

 School Daze 19.1

The night before my trip, Granny & Opa were here and the kids wanted to put on a dance show for them, hence the dresses and Katy Perry.

February was also the month that I was blessed to have my best friend in the entire world move up from FLA to live in Philly.  I flew down and we road-tripped all the way up to PA.  It was one of the best trips of my life.  We drank our way through the South and Mid-Atlantic and also did a lot of fun things, like ghost tours in Savannah, the Biltmore in Asheville, and World of Beer in Charlottesville.

We were also blessed to have Bennie's presence on our trip.  She was hours of entertainment in the long hours in the car. 

MeerCat Manor 

The Biltmore, which has some amazing wines BTW.

This photo sums up the entire trip.  We had a huge blast and it was really cold.

Opa & Granny came and started with E & the kids to watch them during the day. 

School Daze 19.3 

Daddy was in charge of compiling Finn's Valentine's for her party on that Friday. 

Fish got a tattoo while I was away as well. 

When I got home, we decided to FaceTime (which was how the kids kept tabs on me on my trip). Yes, my kids were up until 10:36pm on the day that I came back. 

Fish was crowning Munky with the Barbie duct tape crown. 

Playing hide & seek -- look who's peeking. 

Finn's birthday breakfast 

School Daze 20.1
Note the fashion model pose that has begun and will continue throughout the rest of the year.

Handyman Fish 

Finn got to wear a crown on her birthday at school. 

 School Daze 20.2

Fish is also taking up the model pose. 

We puppysat Lona for our friend who was in Japan for three weeks.  Fish liked her crate.

We had a little birthday party with the neighbors for the kids' birthday party.  It was a big hit. 

School Daze 21.1 

My beautiful girl 

The goat had babies!!!! 

School Daze 21.2
It was SuperHero Training Camp day. 

This is a photo from the school FB site of Finn using her super-human strength to life dumbbells.

School Daze 21.3 

Fish wasn't feeling well that day.  Poor baby. 

Fish & I were able to go into Finn's classroom and read a book from home for her birthday.  She is the one that's in the gray/white striped shirt with the purple bow on the right. 

School Daze 22.1 

A new thing that has also developed in her daily school photo -- shut eyes.  She likes to voluntarily shut her eyes for photos.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Week in the Life (v.2016.1)

Holy crap!!!  I haven't done a phone photo upload!  Let's try and play a little catch up (over the next couple of posts)...  Which I'll separate by months -- so here's January.

School Daze 16.1 

My Little Pony Dance parties in the living room

School Daze 16.2

School Daze 16.2.2

My pretty girl wanted to see what her Elsa braid looked like.   

Front and back, of course 

Fish really likes to help with the fireplace

Our big blizzard left us a TON of snow. 

This was our back door!!!! 

We started our first home project in January.  The previous owners had put on an addition -- which included the play room downstairs and our current master bedroom upstairs.  They built off of the fourth bedroom upstairs, but utilize that room.  Instead they built a hallway and left the old section of the bedroom open.  It was a waste of space, so we decided to close in that room and knock out a doorway through our current closet in the Master for a grand walk-in closet.  This is the view from the top landing of the stairs.  There is no doorway at the end of the hallway where I am taking the photo.  So trying to use that as a dressing space would make me walk down the hallway in my skivvies and no guest wants to see that. 

This is taken from the large doorway that you see in the above photo.  You can see we already had knocked out the closet door.

 This is the view from our bedroom of our new potential walk-in.
Cuteness overload 

Total cuteness overload

School Daze 17.1 (Monday school was cancelled due to the blizzard on Saturday) 

Someone is a little too little for mommy's jeans. 

Always the fashion model

School Daze 17.2 

Such a helper

Can you spot the Munky? 

My parents came out for Fish's birthday and my dad built the drawers that I had envisioned in the old closet space.  They turned out amazing!  You'll have to wait until the February update to see what the final project looks like.  But I'll spoil it a little by saying that it looks AH-MAZING! 

My Norman playing with Mimi.  Can you spot him?