Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crocodile Rock

I remember when rock was young.  Me & Suzy had so much fun...  Finn & Fish had an Elton John night one night and the results were amazing!  Lots of singing and dancing happened that night!  And I have to say that both of them were striking the disco pose like they were born to do it!

We also took Fish's passport photo that night.  And Finn was the test shot.  This photo of her is everything that is Finn.  Messy hair.  Big doe eyes.  And ultimate sass.  Fish photo turned out spectacular!  I know that I'm surely biased, but man, my kids are cute.

And finally, that night, Fish was climbing all over E.  So I snapped a couple of photos that have quickly turned into my favorites of all time.

This photo is IT for me.  The cuteness slays me.

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