Sunday, April 3, 2016

The next Van Gogh (of nails)

So there is a new pastime in our house.  It's very girly and it's something that Finn absolutely LOVES to do.  Any guesses?!?!?!?  If you guessed fingernail polish, you are absolutely correct!  My sister in law gave her a bottle of yellow fingernail polish for Christmas.  It was REAL fingernail polish.  Finn immediately made Papa take off his socks and painted his toe-nails (which are probably still yellow to this day).  Since Christmas, I bought her a "little girl" set of fingernail polish.  It's a perfect set for her -- because it peels off.  She has since painted my nails multiple times.  The first time, I forgot to pull out the real yellow nail polish and had chipped yellow nails for at least two weeks.  No one is saved from getting fingernail polish (except Tara who has an actual manicure done).  Fish doesn't get it as often, bc she "doesn't like him".  But one morning, both Fish & Daddy got in on the spa day.

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