Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is how I found them one morning last week.  They were laying in the exact same position, sleeping like babes.  It's a funny thing, sleeping with Finn -- at least for E.  She seems to gravitate to him.  I think that it's the law of physics.  In that, she rolls to his side of the bed due to his weight lowering the bed more on his side than mine.  He refuses to believe that and just thinks that she can smell him out.  He swears that the minute that he comes to bed and lays down, it begins.  He says that he will lay down, pick up the remote and before he can change the channel to The Big Bang Theory (you should be proud, Dad!), she already rolling from my side of the bed towards him.  He moves her to her crib and when she gets moved back to our bed to sleep out the early morning hours, I always find her in the same positions.  I find her exactly like the photo above and below.

She will lay as close to him as possible.  He scoots away as he likes his space when he sleeps and she finds him and scoots even closer.  She loves snuggling with her daddy in those early morning hours.  And I find it completely adorable (probably because she isn't crowding my side of the bed).

Her hair is getting longer, which means amazing bedhead in the morning.  She has very fine hair that frizzes fairly easily.  And it is exacerbated in those mornings after coming to bed with wet hair from the bath.  Her morning hair is slowly beginning to resemble Einstein's.  It makes me smile every morning she comes trotting into the bathroom as I am getting ready for work in the morning.

She will normally wake up and quietly pad her way down the hall to come charging into the bathroom while I sitting at my vanity putting on my daily creams.  She is always very interested in my morning routine and will pick up other bottles and mimic my actions.  Whether it's putting lotion into my hands to spread over my face or spraying hair products into my hair, she will raise up whatever bottle she has in her hands and move the bottle in a circular fashion over the top of her head or softly shake the bottle over an open palm and then drop it suddenly to be able to rub her hands together.  One of my favorites -- when I get out the lip gloss and slightly dab her lips with the sweet tasting gloss.  She will run to the mirror, look at her lips and will alternate between gently patting them together and puckering them like a fish.

She always shines in the morning.  The evenings are sometimes hard due to the difficulty of her day, but in the morning, she always shines.  She is soft and gentle, kind and good.  E says that there are some mornings, where he will feign sleeping, knowing that she is laying next to him awake.  He says that he will lay there and just listen to her softly sing to herself, perfectly content to be laying in bed with her daddy, being happy.

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