Monday, November 9, 2015

A Week in the Life (v.2015.14)

Lucy the Piggy before Halloween.  Someone wasn't too happy with me. 

School Daze 7.1
It was "wear orange to school" day.

Hot Mama heading to school 

School Daze 7.2

School Daze 7.3
She obviously chose to dress up as Anna.

Finn's Halloween "concert" & parade

Finn was invited to trick or treat with a friend from school.  They had a little party and then trick or treated through their neighborhood.  She was really excited and we had a great time!

Fish was really tired near the end of trick or treating, but he wouldn't quit.  If Sister was going up to the next house, so was he!

Monkey see, Monkey do.  This is their silly faces.

School Daze 8.1

Reciting some school poems

Walked into the kitchen to find this.  He pushed the chair over to the frig to get food out.  Must lock the frig now...

School Daze 8.2

School Daze 8.3 (and yes, she did wear the tiara to school that day)

He is adorable when he is getting yelled at.  I didn't get the best footage as the beginning was more of the first couple of seconds, but he is so adorable, it's hard to stay mad at him.

This is how we watch the Iowa football games.  Mom of the Year Award right here.  As long as I can see the TV, we're good.

Flag on the play!  Blocking foul!!!!

'Tis the season!  Living room is almost done and a grand house tour will be posted soon.

This is how I came upstairs and found them sleeping.  He is such a snuggler.

But this photo is proof that he loves to snuggle.  She moved away from him and he immediately moved into this position.

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