Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepare for the Battle of Water-boo!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween from our family -- Empress Josephine, Napoleon Bonaparte, & his trusty stead, Munk-engo to yours! (Haha!  Getting?  Water-boo? Instead of Waterloo?)  I found Finn's costume first.  It was super-duper cheap and I expected it to look cheap when it arrived, but it was spectacularly made!  I made Fish & Munk's costumes.  Fish's pants and vest were purchased, his boots were Finn's from last year, and the hat & jacket I made from scratch.  The jacket turned out better than anything in my wildest dreams.  It is completely lined on the inside to keep him warm in the colder weather and is SOOOO sharp.  The costumes turned out to be perfection.  Of course, Munk didn't want to wear his, but he isn't going trick or treating, so it's not a huge deal.  He sat enough for a single photo or two and that's all I asked of him.  Fish takes a little coaxing.  He did wonderfully in Leurenkill, wearing the hat the entire time we were trick or treating.  The photo shoot was a little challenging as the neighbors on our other side were out and he was distracted, but there was also no candy in any buckets.  So the jig was up quite quickly.

As you can tell, I'm a holiday freak.  And just for throw-back sake, there are links to our last three Halloweens...

Halloween 2014 -- The Wizard of Oz
Halloween 2013 -- Two lobsters and a stick of butter
Halloween 2012 -- Our favorite cow in the pumpkin patch

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