Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!!! (the costume edition)

Happy Halloween from Dorothy Gale, Toto, and the Flying Munk-y!  I'm doing things a little backwards and putting up our trick or treating before I put up our pumpkin patch photos (which should be going up in a day or two).  But the costumes turned out fantastic and I just couldn't contain myself!

I made Munk's costume entirely (but bought the wings, of course).  He wasn't exactly thrilled to be wearing it.

Fish as Toto was the cutest thing ever!  He was really good about the costume and wore it with no fusses (until trick or treating, of course).

I made our wagon into Toto's basket, using cardboard and a roll of brown craft paper.  Unfortunately, it started raining 30 minutes before trick or treating, so the basket was a no-go.

Finn was Dorothy and LOVED it.  She had a petticoat on underneath her dress to make her skirt poofy (I think that was her favorite part - that and the shoes).

Here are a couple of photos from a Halloween party that we went to where E, Finn & Fish dressed up like 50's kids.

Our photos for trick or treating were really pushing my camera to the limits.  Despite the brightness outside, it was NOT bright outside.  My ISO was jacked up and my aperture wide open, which led to a lot of noise.  But when you have an infant who doesn't want to "sit and stay", a toddler who is more interested in showing off and doesn't want to "sit and stay" and a dog who is trying to attack his wings on his back and doesn't want to "sit and stay" -- this is as good as it gets.   

Don't worry -- she wore a coat.  I only took photos at our neighbor's house and we took her coat off for the photos.

Fish only went to one other house with it.  With the rain, me trying to carry her bucket, Fish, and an umbrella and the fact that he weighs a TON, my arm was sore by the time we walked back to the house to drop him off with Daddy.  But Finn had a great time trick or treating.  No complaints from her in the rain and even when her hands were getting cold and we were heading back to the house.  You would think that she was going to get candy for it or something...

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