Monday, November 24, 2014

This week

--Last Friday was Munk's 9th birthday.  We celebrated it big because I feel so guilty about not giving him the time and attention that he wants/needs.  We bought him a couple of toys, some canned dog food, as well as some fancy-made biscuits.  We put a marshmallow in the center of a doggie-bagel with frosting & sprinkles on it and it was all topped off with a candle.  Yes, this photo is not in focus, but this photo represents exactly what happened during our puppy's birthday song.  We tried to sing as Munky backed away in fright from the flame, Finn refused to sing, and Fish was like a moth to the flame.  This was literally .25 of a seconds that I could back up far enough to get everyone in frame and snap a photo.

--'Tis the season!  I know already, right?  But I've been 'tis'ing the season for the past two weeks, including listening to the Xmas radio station on IHeartRadio.  We have already watched Rudolph at least 15 times (Finn's big favorite) and also have watched Elf ("the green boy" according to Finn), Frosty, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Xmas, The Year without Santa, and a Lifetime movie or two.  Damn you AT&T for not carrying Hallmark Channel -- seriously damn you!  Last year we switched from our local provider to AT&T, but we had to wait until after Xmas because I was pregnant and lived & breathed for Hallmark Christmas movies.  Well, I'm not pregnant this year, but I am still missing my Hallmark Xmas movies.

--Okay, I was debating on whether to post this photo or not & have been sitting on this photo for two weeks -- looking at it no less than once every other day.  But what the hell...  You can't really tell what our card is going to be from this anyways.  HOLY CUTENESS OVERLOAD, Imma right?!?!?!?  So this was the night that we took part of our Xmas card.  And this was also the night that I realized that I need to start wearing clothes.  A little more background?  Fish was petrified of me that night.  With my hair done and a dress on, he refused to stop crying or staring at me in fear until I took out my hair and put on yoga pants.  I ordered our cards yesterday and hope to have them mailed by early next week, which means the card will be posted here in about two weeks. 

--Okay, I took this photo of Fish a couple of months ago.  But everyday I'm amazed at how much my two kids look alike.  At least five times a day, I'm struck at how much Fish looks like Finn.  Good lookin' kids if I do say so myself.

--E is in Ireland this week.  So we are rollin' solo -- and shooting for Mom of the Year with breakfasts of donuts and iPad movies.  I'm clearing a spot on my bookcase for the award this very minute.

--And this guy is having some serious issues with something.  I'm hoping it's his teeth.  He has been fussier than normal and I just want my little dude back.  Granted I love the snuggles, but not when I have to transform my house into a holiday wonderland and E is gone.

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