Friday, November 7, 2014

Pumpkin patch -- Ohio style

In our last "catch up" post, we hit the local pumpkin patch.  Our tradition (at least for the last three years) has been to go to a specific local pumpkin patch the weekend before Halloween.  It's not a large pumpkin patch, which is usually great for photos as we are normally the only ones there when it opens on Sunday morning.  After the pumpkin patch, we go to Squire's Castle which is a great park that has an old "castle" on it.  I'll brief everyone next week about how we are all doing.  So for now, enjoy the last of autumn as Christmas is right around the corner.

Funny story about our beautiful girl?  She was wearing a swimsuit that morning over her clothes (i.e. a pair of my undies) and I asked her to take them off.  We hurried out the door and as we were leaving the pumpkin patch, I noticed a pop of yellow lace around the back of her neck.  I pulled a little and realized that she still had her "swimsuit" on!!!!  The whole time at the pumpkin patch, she was wearing a yellow lace pair of my undies underneath her cape.  I took photo proof of that as well -- but decided against posting that.  Ha!

As we were walking out the door, E saw this photo on our frig.  It is our first pumpkin patch photo with Finn.  He realized that he wore the EXACT same outfit.  Now we have photo proof.


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