Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gone fishin' at 41 weeks

---Apparently, this is just a annual crazy time of year -- in looking back, I did a 41 weeks update with Finn as well (when I should have done a 40 week update).  This post should have been posted two weeks ago for 40 weeks, but I didn't get a photo taken until last weekend, so it's a 41 weeks update (even though today he is 42 weeks). And being that they are only two weeks apart on their birthdays, I will throw my arms up in the air and admit that I was huffing some holiday fumes -- we didn't even get dressed for this photo.
---Unscientifically, Fish weighs 22.4 pounds and is 30 inches long.  We had a doctor's appointment two weeks ago and he was 21.9 lbs and 30 inches long in the office (75% and 94%).
---He is still in size four diapers.
---The clothing sizes are body part specific.  We are in 9-12 month onesies (although we could easily move into 12-18 month).  We are also wearing 9-12 month pants, but we have to put on leg-warmers to cover the lower parts of his legs because he is too tall for them.  That size still fits him well in the stomach (and I don't have a lot of pants in 12-18), so we are hanging out in this size for a little longer.  Jeans are 12-18.  And socks are a huge bone of contention with us -- I have him in 12-24 month socks, but those suckers don't seem to stay on -- so sometimes, maybe, I put him in Finorah's socks that she just grew out of (those that are still in her dresser but are too small for her).  So most days, he is wearing socks that are pink and purple.

---We are still breastfeeding.  He isn't the scheduler nurser that Finn was, but I'm also not working.  So we just eat whenever he is hungry.  Most times, we have to try more than once as he also has a sister that is a huge distractor.
---We have also stopped with the purees at dinner.  He is eating whatever we eat and a lot of it!  Finn was also a dainty eater (in toddler terms) that she would only put one bite in her mouth at a time. Not this one!  He must eat all the foods as quickly as possible.  This leads to LOTS of coughing and gagging.  For some reason, it's scarier this time around than it was with Finn.  Maybe that's because he does it more than she ever did.  But I keep telling myself that the gag reflex on an infant is a lot farther to the front which helps them not choke on things.  There have have been at least 2-3 times where my adrenaline was pumping because I didn't know if I was going to have to start the Heimlich or not.  Some of his favorites are pretty much EVERYTHING!  He likes carrots, peas, any type of meat, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, cheese -- you name it, he likes it.  But his face usually lights up when we get to the fruit portion.
---He only has the two bottom teeth.  I keep checking for the top ones, but not showing up yet.  But the drooling is still out of control as well as the ear tugging.
---Big development?  He started crawling at 37 weeks!!  And there was no tentativeness there.  Once he started, he was off to the races!!!  And he goes and goes and goes.  He usually stays within my eye sight or in the same room.  But some of his favorites to get into that he isn't suppose to?  Any cords that I haven't picked up (we have an old cable cord that sticks out of the floor in one of the corners of the room -- big favorite) and the dog and cats water bowl.  If I don't react fast enough, he is usually elbow deep in the water before I can turn around.
---Another one?  He started crawling stairs!  Not well yet -- but he can get up the first 2-3 stairs before he thinks that he is big sh*t and turns around to find me and then falls down (into my arms -- definitely NOT comfortable with him around the stairs without me).

---He is also pulling himself up to a standing position and has been doing that for the past couple of weeks.  He pulls himself up on anything that is available:  legs, floor mops, tables, high chairs -- pretty much anything.  He is also starting to try to stand up from a sitting position.  He will get into downward dog and then not figure out how to get the rest of the way up.  No steps or any attempts at steps yet.  He is cruising along furniture as well, much to his sister's dismay.  One of his favorites (and her LEAST favorite) is pulling himself up next to her on the sofa.  He usually gets a foot to the chest and pushed over if I'm not paying attention to stop her.
---He is a big noise maker.  He says "baba" and "dada" and I keep trying to get him to "mama" but no go on that one.  He likes to smack his lips and blow air raspberries.  There is also lots of high pitch screeches (seriously, lots).
---He is a wrist roller (and has been for the past couple of months -- just don't know if I ever wrote about it).  When he gets very excited (especially when it's dinner time or I'm coming to pick him up), his little wrists start rolling in big circles and his arms push out.  He gets so excited that he can't contain himself and has to release the energy somehow.
---He is a HUGE snuggler.  It's the best!  When I'm holding him, I'll say "Where's the Mama?" and he will put his head down on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck.  It's the cutest!
---He is a little drama queen as well throwing temper tantrums when I don't pick him up fast enough.  The tantrums can come in bed, while he is sitting on the floor, in the high chair, pretty much anywhere.  It is the END of the world when I leave the room if I haven't asked him permission.  He is very much attached to mama (when he wants to be).  A lot of tantrums also ensue when Sister takes away one of the toys that he was playing with.
---And we have entered into "stranger danger" mode.  He eyes strangers at the beginning, but always goes to mama.  E and I tried to go to dinner for E's birthday and my friend who was watching them said that he cried for about an hour before he finally settled down and resigned himself to the fact that Mom had left the building.
---He is a big dancer.  Any type of music comes on and he is bopping to the beat.  Finn can get out a little toy guitar that we give her to "rock & roll" and he will start dancing to her music. Loves music.
---His sleep has been disrupted in the last two weeks.  He got sick a week ago and his sleep sucks since. He will wake up just whining.  At least it was due to his stuffy nose, but now that I don't hear the wheezing, I'm not sure what has led to this broken sleep.  Hope it rights itself soon.

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