Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Realness

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and deal-bustin' Black Friday.  Our week was great, although E was in Ireland.  We had quite a few play dates and tried to keep busy with our Christmas card.  But I just wanted to post a couple of photos that I took during the week.  This is our holiday realness.  This is what my kids look like during a regular day.  Crusted over with old baby cookies, face smeared with ketchup from lunch and hair brushed hours ago and napped on.

We have gotten up all our trees (all four) and all our inside & outside decor for Christmas.  The final touches finished today and now we are completely ready for the holiday season!  And I do have to say that we were in the holiday spirit weeks ago.

Finn already knows the eight reindeer of Santa as well as who the most famous reindeer of all is.  She knows who Frosty the Snowman is and we have watched Elf (aka "the green boy" according to Finn).  For me, there is just something about the holiday season and makes everything look better, brighter, and happier.

We spent Thanksgiving with our neighbor and their family.  It was a really nice dinner and Finn had a great time with a puppy that was running amok and visiting for Thanksgiving.  Below are the photos of the kids before we went over to their house.  This is typical of the Power of the Sister.  I thought they were dressed so cute that I wanted some photos of what they looked like, nothing fancy.  But Fish wasn't cooperating.  All it takes is Finn smiling to make him smile.  He totally loves her.

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