Monday, December 1, 2014

A week in the life (v.2014.25)

Christmas has officially hit our household (as I'm sure that you were aware).  But I've finally put away the "getting out" bins (which makes E very happy).

Typical afternoon

We hit up the mall playground last week to get out of the house.  It was a big hit with both kids.

Someone's happy.

He is going to be walking before I'm ready...

Who doesn't want to ride a cow over the moon?

Don't let this photo fool you -- she doesn't usually play this nice with him.

With the holiday in full swing, the first set of baking as already happened as well.  Nap times became productive times last week.

 One of the finished products -- frosted rosemary trees.  Delicious!

We also make chocolate marshmallow cookies.  Will add more marshmallow next time -- never too much marshmallow!

Speaking of the holidays, we have a lover of Christmas music!!!!  (And this video cuts out at the end due to no more storage on my phone -- looks like it time to download them all to get them off my phone!)

She amazes me every day.  Look at the faces that she can draw!  The green lines in the lower left is hair (BTW).

Someone has figured out that he is a stomach sleeper.

Happy Thanksgiving from one of our little turkey!

Our rock 'n roll star and her groupie!  Again with the phone storage -- can you tell that I didn't want to delete them off my phone?

 On Black Friday, instead of shopping, we hit up the RainForest at the Cleveland Zoo.  Great time was had by all!

We are officially retiring the infant seat at the end of this week.  Slow tear slides down my cheek as I realize how big he has gotten.   (Like the capris?  Yeah, they are size 12 month pants.  Major high-waters -- MAJOR)

Someone wasn't happy that I was taking his photo instead of picking him up.  We had just came back from his flu booster.  The secretary making our next appointment (his one-year checkup) commented at how huge his hands were and how she thought that he was a lot older than his file stated.  Her words?  "He's a big boy!"

Munk has been so patient with the torment that he gets from Finn now.  She thinks it is SOOOOOO fun to try and jump all over him.

A little suburban wildlife -- the littlest buck still hangs around our place a lot.  The three bucks have split up for the fall.

We also noticed during the summer that a hawk (I originally thought a falcon) has taken up residence around our place.  I have now identified her as a Cooper's Hawk due to her black lines on her tail as well as her red eyes.  We hear her a lot, but yesterday she sat 10 feet outside of the window by the computer.  She was waiting for her lunch (a ground squirrel that lives in the colony located on our property) which she got a minute or two later.

Another photo of the Cooper's Hawk before her lunch

Just a small hint as what we are doing later in the week.

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