Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Last Friday, I was able to score a breakfast with the Big Man.  You know, the Fat Man.  The one in the furry red suit.  Now, my kids are not at the best age to enjoy this.  They are at the best age to take hilarious photos of how petrified of the Big Man.  But NOT at an age where they are at ease and making jokes with the big guy.  So I prepped and I prepped and I prepped...

We started talking about having breakfast with Santa at least two weeks before it was happening.  I talked about how we would get there and have breakfast and how Santa and Mrs. Claus would walk around and stop at each table to talk with us.  Finn was quite excited about the idea of actually EATING with Santa for some reason.  And when I told her that he wasn't going to eat with us, just stop to say "ho, ho, ho", she still didn't get it.  "I'm going to have breakfast with Santa!!"

We walked the aisles at Target looking at all the toys -- giving her ideas on what she would tell Santa that she wanted for Christmas.  The one thing that I can say about her is while she isn't very decisive, she is very easily distracted and didn't pitch a fit about not being able to buy a toy that very minute.  Imagine walking the toy aisles with an almost three-year-old and not fits were thrown!  Score!

We also practiced -- or at least tried to practice.  We checked out a book called "Brave Santa" from the library, which is about a little boy named Jack who is very shy and doesn't want to talk to Santa.  So his parents ask him to practice with them being Santa and Jack being Jack.  It works in the book -- so I figured I would give it a try.  But I only got laughs when I tried to sound like Santa saying "Ho, ho, ho!  What do you want for Christmas, Finn?"

We got there a little late and was a little chaotic getting every seated with breakfast.  Then Santa and Mrs. Claus came in the room.  Finn didn't really know what to think.  She was excited when they made their first appearance, but as they worked their way around the room, the fright started to become apparent.  Thankfully, the way we were seated had Santa visiting with Brother and not Finn.

He didn't cry, so I thought we won!  Then I realized that he wasn't going to stop on Finn's side.  At first, I was upset.  But then I looked at her and she didn't seem the worse for the wear, so I figured she would be her opportunity to speak with him when we went into the theater and sat on his lap.  And she actually seemed relieved when he walked away.

They passed out little gifts for each child.  Fish got a little board book about cars and Finn got a little pig.  I thought it was odd, until I remembered that we were at the FarmPark.  Of course, Farmpark... Barns... Pigs... 

Then came time to make our way to the theater to sit on his lap and ask for our Christmas gifts.  We get into the theater and are waiting our turn.  She is excited to get up there.  UNTIL we are the next people in line, she suddenly decides that she doesn't want to sit on his lap.  He suddenly becomes very terrifying to her.  We make the compromise that she doesn't have to sit on his lap -- Brother will do that.  But we told her that she needed to sit in the sleigh next to Santa.  And this Santa was boasting that he didn't have a crier yet -- thinking that he was going to solve our problems.  Let me just tell you that he almost had TWO criers in one seating...

We got both of them up there and of course, Fish started crying immediately.  I snapped a bunch of photos and E took him back.  Then Santa wanted to talk to Finn about what she wanted for Christmas.  And with Brother out of the picture, it became very apparent what her body language was saying.  It was saying I-don't-like-this-get-me-out-of-here-I'm-NOT-going-to-touch-this-dude-not-even-a-little-bit.  Her legs were crossed away from him and practically hanging out of the sleigh as she was clutching the side of the sleigh.  And she got her "Finn Face" on where her upper lip sticks out farther than her lower lip and her eyes start to do their "I-look-like-a-little-deer" darting back and forth.  In fact, she didn't utter a word to Santa and wouldn't even look at him when he offered her a candy cane.  She wouldn't even look at the candy canes!!!!!


After not talking with Santa, we got to head over to Santa's Workshop to build a toy with his elves.  Once again, she was Little Miss Talkative in line.  And when the elves came, she clammed right up.  She picked Olaf to make and Fish picked a truck.  She got to hold the drill while the elf drilled the holes for Olaf -- she was Finn the Frightened!  After that, her and I headed over to the Painting Department and got to paint Olaf up, which made her happy.  We also headed over to the Glitter Department and she put way too much glitter on it and I'm going to have glitter on my floor for months!  All in all, the program was very good and they had the place decorated to the gills.  Finn had a fabulous time, even in spite of being petrified of Santa and the elf.  So I think we will be heading back again next year.

Santa's Workshop

Her finished product!

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