Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our first Santa sighting!!!!

We have had our first message from Santa this season!  You can click here to watch it.  Santa's first message to Finn!

Her reaction to the video -- priceless...

She was amazed with the video (which are always done very well).  And after the video was sent, I realized that I could have really gotten shock out of her as I listed the wrong gift from Santa.  She likes dolls, but didn't ask for one from Santa.  She actually asked for a bell (as in the Polar Express bell).  I may be a mean mom for asking that she be put on the "almost nice" list -- but at least I didn't go full-blow naughty!  Sad to say, I didn't get the reaction that I had hoped for with the fact that she wasn't on the nice list.  Santa told me that he would check in again with us later in the season to see if she made it onto the "nice" list (and I'll tell Santa that she actually wants a bell).  Now every time she is bad to her brother, I ask her what Santa said.  I hope it works in getting her to be nicer to him.   It's not working yet...

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