Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week in the Life (v2014.26)

 Sleeping siblings

Happy feet

Someone likes eating

Finn loves to draw and her drawings are stating to become recognizable.  Sort of.

Someone is a TSO fan (and it's not the mom).

Also a Vince Giraldi Trio fan!

Finn is SOOOOO nice to Lucy (sometimes)...

I found the receipe to make the warm candied nuts that you buy from street vendors in NYC.  We have eaten at least 3 batches already!!!

 Auntie Anita gives such great presents!

 Watching from the outside

Daddy did someone's hair that morning.

Late last week, Fish came down with a pretty bad cold/fever and was quite miserable for a day or two.

We wrote a letter to Santa last week -- making sure that he gets to the right house this year.

Fish thinks that blue chalk is quite tasty.

Wearing Mommy's scarf -- fashionable!

Looks a little like the kid from A Christmas Story.

Our house last night!

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