Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas in the City

We made a quick trip into NYC last week for a little photo surprise and is coming up next week.  But while there, we were able to visit with E's family and take in some of the Christmas that the city has to offer.  It was Finn's first time in the city and she LOVED it.  There was so much to look at and she really enjoyed seeing the sights.

The first thing we did on our Christmas outing was to stop at the Macy's windows.  Finn's eyes were so big as she looked through the windows.  Totally worth it.  I personally love going to the windows and while we lived in Jersey, had been known to make E take me in to the city way before we were even thinking about kids, just because I wanted to see them.

This was taken right inside the door of Macy's -- Christmas overload!

We also had to stop and get some warmed cashews from a street vendor.  Another holiday must (and another favorite of the little one!)

From Macy's, we headed down to Time Square to make a stop at the largest toy store in the world (I think).  Amazingly, while in the hustle and bustle of Time Square, Fish was sleeping quite soundly.  He didn't even wake up in the toy store as well!

The New Year's ball

After Time Square, we walked past Radio City Music Hall.  Wanna know the funniest thing about this photo?  The next day, I asked Finn what her favorite part of the day was.  Her response was "Those big things."  And I was like "What big things?"  She said "Those big things with the hooks on them that get hung on the Christmas tree."  Those red balls were her favorite thing about the day.  Not Time Square, not the Macy's windows, not the Saks Building, not even the Rockefeller tree which is below.  Oh, dear girl...

The full moon over St. Pat's Cathedral

Top of the Rock through the lit trees

There she is...

Someone wanted to get up close and personal with the tree!  That's my girl!

This is the Saks Building display this year!  Pretty darn awesome!  It happened every 10 minutes.

After all our Christmas sight-seeing, we stopped in The Pig & Whistle and someone put on QUITE the dancing display.  She was a huge hit with those walking by as well as the hostess that you can see to the right at the end of the video.

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