Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gone fishin' at 45 weeks

--- Unscientifically, Fish is topping the scales at 22.8 pounds and is 30 long.
---He is still in size four diapers, no change there any time soon.
---He should be in 12-18 month clothes.  There are still some 9 month onsies that I'm trying to squeeze as much stretch out of them as possible.  I don't seem to have a lot of onesies in 12-18 month, so I'm trying to push the 9 month ones as long as they will go.  I have to say that the Carter onesies are usually pretty long which is where we are running into our size differential -- those legs go on for days!  It won't be long now though.
---We are still breastfeeding.  It's usually about six times during a 24 hour period.  Sometimes less.  He isn't as attached to the boob as Finn was.  I'm shooting for 12 months, but if he is as carefree about taking a boob or a sippee -- we may extend it.  Check back then.

---Fish is a voracious eater.  The kid can put AWAY!  Typical dinner for us...  He can eat a small can of veggies, a breakfast sausage, about 3 oz of fruit and then still eat about 1/2 cup of yogurt without slowing down.  The pediatrician said that I should feed him until he is full for the next three months.  We will see how much weight then and see how much he has gained in the three months since his 9 month appointment.  If it is a huge amount, we will confer then on the situation.  But more than likely, she said that he is just a growing boy that wants to eat and eat and eat...  Current favorites are beans, eggs, and breakfast sausages.
---He is an expert crawling now.  He races here and there and everywhere!  He is fast now as well!
---He is standing solo for about 10 seconds now.  He stands up on everything.  But he isn't standing up from a sitting position on his own yet.  But the object that he stands up on can be literally 4 inches high.  He always tries to stand up from a sitting position.  He can get his butt up into the air into a spectacular dogward dog -- but can't figure out how to completely stand up yet.

---We still only have two teeth.  There are no nubs -- no signs of any more coming right now.
---He is a big talker.  Nothing concrete.  He can say "baba", "dada" and "papa", but he doesn't use them very often -- only when mimicking me.  He doesn't lots of squealing and squawking.  He also does a lot of vocalized grunts.
---If there is one thing that he loves to do, it's to dance!  He is a HUGE dancer!  It can be music from a freaking commercial and the kid is scooting back and forth.  He also loves it when he is sitting in the high chair and I dance in front of him.  Dancing is his favorite!
---He is a great sleeper normally.  He still eats most nights at least once.  It's usually really close to 4-5am, so it could constitute and as an early morning feeding.  He takes a morning nap (usually about 90-120 minutes after we wake up) and a longer afternoon nap.  If he doesn't get a long afternoon nap, there is sometimes an evening nap -- but those are quite infrequent.

---He is a very happy boy.  He loves to smile and I always get big cheeser grins from him as he is standing up.  He will tilt his head way too far back and I will always think that he is going to topple over and he flashes this enormous grin my way.  One of my favorites.

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