Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A month (and then some) in the life (v2014.24)

Obviously, this isn't just a week -- it's more like a month...  I have photos on here from the beginning of October... Womp womp...

Mommy & Finn selfie

Finn got a gift from the binky fairy, which surprised even me! 

Seems the neighbor girls are also in good with the binky fairy...

Pre-crawling around the library

This is what my kid does at a playdate in the library.  Screw playing with the other kids -- she just sits in a little chair her size and pulls out book after book.

Trying to catch leaves that were starting to fall in the yard

Yummy sqaghetti squash stuffed with ricotta and meat.

Same day that he started crawling -- this is about as long as he can stand by himself before he falls.

Somebody wasn't happy that he was a lobster for Boo at the Zoo

And someone else was very pleased with her kitty-cat self

Lobster selfie

Kitty cat selfie

Hanging out at the library

He fell asleep all by himself one morning -- just like this (and then never again).

Tired boy

We hit up the Children's Museum one morning.  She got to "drive" a bus.

She and her little partner in crime also demolished the grocery store that they had set up.

They also climbed up quite high (too high for my liking).

Dorothy and Toto

My darling Toto

Ruff ruff!

"There's no place like home..."

Petting her puppy

Fly, my pretties, fly!

First they took off my legs and threw them over there!  Then they took off my chest and threw them over there!

Halloween crafts that got mailed out to some family (made by Finn).

Mimi had a cookie-decorating kit mailed to our house.  This is the result of Finn decorating cookies.

Chilling with pumpkin ale and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Our jack o'lantern this year.

For her gymnastics class, she got to wear a costume.  She was "Super girl" and Daddy was on the floor with her so I took take some videos.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Getting our Trick or Treat game faces on with a little Taylor

Someone was tuckered OUT when we got back home (and he didn't even go trick or treating)!

Our neighbor Bob dancing with the family to the soundtrack of the evening.

Her serious face...

The perspective of a lollypop

Doesn't she look like such a big girl?  No longer a baby anymore.

Yes, that is a box in his mouth -- his hands were full!

My little bag boy

This is how we roll on a Sunday shopping trip -- ruby slipper seriously do go with green yoga pants.

Bedhead for the ages!  This is honestly how she woke up.

Brother is trying to rock his own bedhead.

His reaction to seeing his first snowfall.

I've got a snow-dog on my hands.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow.

We ended up getting about 4 inches in our first snow storm which happened in the middle of November!!!

This is us today.  Someone is a sick little dude.  Boo...

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