Monday, October 26, 2015

A Trip to the Firehouse

Long time, no chat!  I've been really busy making costumes, reupholstering furniture, and trying to unpack the final boxes.  All of which you will get to see in due time.  But first!  October is Fire Prevention Month.  Finn's school devoted an entire week to fire prevention.  So I thought it would be great if we visited E's old firehouse.

Back in the day, when we lived in Princeton, New Jersey, E was a member of the volunteer fire company.  And now that we are only 45 minutes away from our old homestead, we drove back to see the old friends at the firehouse and to let the kids climb in their firetrucks.  To say that Fish was excited was an enormous understatement.  We asked him if he wanted to see "big trucks!" and his head would shaking "yes" enthusiastically.  This kid loves "big trucks".  In fact, he brought out the stool that Finn uses to wash her hands in the sink in the bathroom so that he could climb up and look out the window to see the garbage truck every Thursday & Friday (neighbors have different garbage pickup companies, so we get two mornings in a row of garbage truck sitings).

Finn was excited as well, but not as over-the-moon as Fish.  She is really enjoying school and is excited each morning that is a school day.  We have our own little song that we sing when it's a school day.  She always comes home with a new song to sing or a new project that she did at school.  And she is very proud to show off what she knows.  She is growing up before my very eyes and my heart pangs that she isn't a little baby anymore.

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