Friday, October 23, 2015

A Week in the Life (v.2015.13)

 School Daze 3.3

 Must wear his backpack to go pick up Finn -- even when he has just woken from a nap and needs his blankie and bink as well.

Finn always has a "surprise" for me after school and gets really excited to show me.  So we also have to hide a "surprise" in Fish's backpack for him to show as well.

He has been trying to wear Finn's undies around the house, so we bought him his first underoos. 
Totally a monkey see monkey do.  

School Daze 4.1 

We hit up the Halloween store to finish off their costumes and I found it quite amusing that he bee-lined to the Sophia the First baskets.  I have a photo of her at the exact same age, trying to tote around all the Sophia the First baskets as well! 

School Daze 4.2 

School Daze 4.3
We have been having crazy weather -- high 70s one day and low 50s the next! 

Being goofy before school

We spent the weekend in Leurenkill (E's childhood home away from home) for Halloween.  The kids' costumes were a great hit and the kids have an excellent time!  And we got to see Granny, Opa & Auntie Anita!  Plus some of Granny's close friends!  Fish was all business behind the wheel of the wine tour bus.

School Daze 5.1
She was very proud of her Hello Kitty vest.

School Daze 5.2
This photo led to the photo below. 

Can you see any resemblance?!?!?! 

The kids realized last week that asses love bread.  (A fact that I was very familiar with.)We have a small farm next door.  This is Mrs. Elderberry, the donkey.  There is also a billy goat, a girl goat with a baby, and two sheep.

School Daze 5.3
School Picture Day!!!

Fish looks up to Finn so much.  I love seeing him look at her to see exactly what she is doing and try to replicate it.

He wanted it!  It was Ponytail Friday and a unicorn sighting!

Fish is already feeling at home on Daddy's bike.

Head out on the highway...  Lookin' for adventure...

Daddy & Fish 

This is how he dances to his favorite song.

My first wingback recliner!  Almost finished!  The right is what it looked like before.  I now have that one left.

Culture night in our household.  Chopsticks and potstickers!!! 

Sleeping babe.

Awake babe. 

Getting excited about colder weather

School Daze 6.1

It's never too early for Christmas music.

She was learning about fall and put her binoculars that she made in class to good use on the way home. 

Happy Halloween from Finn & Fish! 

Finn had a field trip on Wednesday for school which needed a parent's supervision, so we made it a family affair!  It was a trip to DelVal Farms.  Everyone had a great time!

"I'm outta here!"  It was past Fish's normal nap time so he was definitely not cooperative near the end.

School Daze 6.3 

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