Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'll take "Famous Haircuts" for $400, Alex.

The before -- in the car on the way to the salon

“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts”  ― Jim Morrison

Last Saturday was a big day.  Finn had her first haircut.  E kept asking me if I was going to cut her hair and then worse, threatening to cut her bangs himself.  Now I have never admitting it publicly, but I do cut E's hair.  I have cut it ever since I moved out to Jersey to live with him.  I am by no means a professional, but E's hair-style is "cut it shorter than it was when we started".  So if you ever see him walking down the street with a bald spot on the side of his head, either I was mad at him when I cut it or was distracted and cut too much off one side.  But I wouldn't give her her first haircut.  I wanted it to be super-fun and really special as it was her first.  

I decided upon SnipIts even though it was 30 minutes away.  I had wanted to get there as close to their opening time as possible because they didn't accept appointments.  We were only an hour late and when we arrived they told us the wait would be 45-60 minutes.  So we went and ate a Brueggers Bagels.  And after we finished eating, we decided to hit up a Halloween store in the same strip mall.  Immediately upon entering the store, Finn headed right for Sophia the First and proceeded to pick up all the candy-catchers that they had on the shelf.

Girlfriend walked around the kiddie section of the Halloween store with those buckets, proudly displaying her future as a bag-lady.  She cried only a little when Daddy took them all away and put them back.  The store had a lot of interactive displays (you know, the kind of life-sized zombies and mummies that move when you push a button).  Well, Daddy pushed one too many buttons and the attacking dog frightened our poor Miss Muffet and we had to high-tail it out of the store fairly quickly.  She didn't cry, but she definitely jumped out of her skin and started whimpering fairly loudly.  So we exited stage-right and it happened to be perfect timing as our 45 minutes was up.

We didn't wait long once arriving back at the salon.  Christy was our lady and she was excellent!  She offered Finn a sucker and it was BFFs from the start.  Before I go any further with our story, I will tell you that the hair in the preceding photos are all Daddy's work.  He thought that it was totally okay to muss her hair until a rat's nest every time he could -- figuring that they were going to fix it at the salon anyways.

She was a perfect angel in the chair!  There was absolutely no fussing, no whining.  Nothing!  She sat pretty and let Christy do her magic.  I think the sucker helped.

The sucker only lasted for half of the hair cut.  She happens to be like the Owl in the Tootsie Roll sucker commercial.  She will NEVER know how many licks it takes to get to the center.

Luckily, there were also Goldfish to be offered along with the sucker.  The photo above was her shoving as many Goldfish in her mouth as she could.  Sister was trying to get as much food as possible out of Christy during that haircut.

There wasn't much length in the back taken (as I'm sure you can already tell by my hair -- I like long hair).  But her bangs were trimmed so they won't fall in her eyes anymore.  Christy swept those bangs back into a little side ponytail and gave her a bow.

At the end of the cut, every kid gets a prize.  Finn was super excited for her little rubber ducky.

She also got a piece of chocolate for the ride home for being such a good girl in the chair.  I think that more chocolate ended up on her face than in her mouth. And she proceeded to fall asleep almost immediately after eating the piece of chocolate.

It is exhausting looking this gorgeous...

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