Monday, October 21, 2013

Under the sea--- errrr, lakes...

So within the last week, my mom has come and gone and E has gone.  Mom came on Wednesday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon.  E decided to make a trip to Ireland and left on Friday evening and is scheduled to come back on Sunday evening.  As of right now, it's just me and the girls (and Munk & Norman).

While Mom was in town, we decided to hit up the Cleveland Aquarium.  We had headed out on Saturday in hopes of beating the impending rain to make it to the pumpkin patch before the Aquarium. Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch and it wasn't open  due to rain, we decided to aim for the pumpkin patch on Sunday morning before Mom left and drove to the Aquarium.

It was a good thing, too.  If we would have made it to the pumpkin patch AND the Aquarium, we would have had our meltdown right in the Aquarium.  We at least got through most of the Aquarium before our meltdown occurred on Saturday.

The Cleveland Aquarium is actually pretty nice for little kids.  It's not an amazing aquarium with lots and lots of large salt-water tanks (although, it totally could have, I was too busy watching my kid to really see what all the little tanks held).  But it did have a great deal of smaller to medium sized tanks with fish from all over the globe.

Finn was actually quite scared of some of the fish.  She couldn't grasp the concept that there was glass in between her and them and refused to touch most of the glass if the fish was anywhere close to the glass.  I will say that the girl is absolutely petrified of turtles.  She would shake her head and say "no" whenever we offered her one of the kiddie step-stools to see the turtles.  But she was at that point willing to take the step stool with us, trying to drag the stool with us.  And a mini-meltdown would ensue when her plans were thwarted.

The Aquarium also had a touch-tank where you could touch the rays.  Even though she wouldn't put her hands in to touch them, that was the portion of the aquarium that she enjoyed the most.  She did stick her hands in the water initially and then immediately put her wet fingers in her mouth.  After some stern explaining about "acky water", I'm not sure if it was actually seeing the rays that were swimming on the surface of the water or my lecture, but she didn't want to put her hands in after that.  I think it was more of the first explanation.

I will say one thing totally unrelated to the Aquarium -- Little Miss' hair...  She definitely had her Mimi's hair.  They have the same color hair and they have the uncontrollable frizzy hair with a little bit of humidity (and there was a lot of humidity in the Aquarium & outside with the rain).  Her hair can get frizzy with the best of them.  And her bedhead first thing in the morning is one for the ages!  I'm currently trying to control the back frizz with some leave-in conditioner, but we are working with the appropriate amount.  I don't my child to look like Mary from "There's Something About Mary".

After the touch-tank, we were almost done with the Aquarium tour and they always save the best for last.  They had a sea-tube for their shark tank.  It was pretty neat and the tank was actually really big.  But by that point, Finn was O-V-E-R the Aquarium.  In fact, the sea-tube led to a pretty great yoga session with her, rolling around on the floor.  We got in a Corpse pose and a Fish pose.

Here is her Cobra pose.

Downward Dog

Check out her friend looking over her shoulder in the tank behind her...

And we ended our time at the Aquarium having to go through the Gift Shop.  Of course, everything that is at her level is bright and shiny.  We had a meltdown of epic proportions when we had to put back the shiny, blue package of coffee.  Who knew that she was such a coffee-lover already?

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