Monday, October 28, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.15.3)

Our new Halloween tradition...  She gets so serious about lighting our little pumpkin candles.

Our little lady got picked as "Star Student" for November.  That means that she gets her photos hung on the door to her room at daycare for the entire month!

A little front yard hunting...  E leaves for Ireland and that night, one of the two neighborhood 8-pointers beds down in our front yard...  He's definitely a monster...

I thought that he was injured as close as he allowed me to get.  I had crept within 20 yards of him head-on before he started to stir.

Finn's first photo that is actually a photo!

We also got our first snow-fall last week.  We were actually in a lake-effect snow advisory for much of the day on Tuesday.  And Lady loved her first taste (literally) of snow this season!  She also giggled and giggled at how excited Munk got of the snow -- he is definitely a snow dog and loves eating and sliding in the snow.

Celebrating Halloween a little early.  I figured that it's totally okay to wear this outfit twice in two weeks as I want to get at least two wears out of it before Halloween is over.

Another one of Finn's photos.

Holy pregnant lady, Batman!!!  In the last two weeks, my belly has grown exponentially. At my doctor's appointment this morning, I found out that I gained 6 more pounds this month and that I'm measuring at 31 weeks which is 4.5 weeks ahead of the curve.  He said no need for concern at this point, but at my next appointment in late November, we may need to schedule an ultrasound to see if I'm going to have a Big Fish on my hands.

Over the weekend, Girlfriend got to go to her first birthday party.  One of my dear friends' littlest turned one.  Not surprisingly, she was more interested in their two dogs than she was in the other kids.  And this photo represents perfectly the entire party.  She didn't want to get too close to the other kids, but was still interested enough to see what was going on.  Not bad for her first time!

A late riser...

 I also had my glucose testing done this morning.  For anyone that has never had to drink this sh*t, I envy you.  In fact, this specific lab didn't even refrigerate the grossness...  I gagged at least four times, but had that puppy finished in under a minute flat.

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