Saturday, November 2, 2013

Who ya gonna call?

Based on our experience carving pumpkins, don't call Finn!

Our household carved pumpkins on Wednesday night.  Finn & I carved our pumpkins by ourselves last year as E was out of town on a conference.  It was a simple thing to do then as she wasn't really crawling and if I placed her in a single spot, she'd pretty much stay there.  This year, I had big dreams -- and if I was being honest with myself, I knew deep down they were dreams immediately.  Ladylove just doesn't "do" sticky things on her hands and likes to have clean hands 95% of the time.  That right there doesn't bode well for reaching in and pulling out all the slimy pumpkin innards that I had envisioned us doing.

I got home before E and brought the pumpkins from the base of the tree by the garage to the deck.  Holy Halloween, Batman!  You would have thought it Christmas with as excited as she got about me bringing the pumpkins up to the deck.  But she was only doing that to make my dreams crush even harder when we got them inside.  Because she wasn't as impressed when they were sitting on the kitchen floor on newspaper.  So E cut open the tops and I got to cleaning the first one out.  My biggest feat of the night (in my opinion) was just getting her to smell the inside of the pumpkin -- which smells like quintessential Halloween.

Smelling what Halloween smells like.

When asked what a pumpkin smells like, she was telling Daddy "Halloween"

So E & I carved our pumpkins while she ran around and refused to participate.  The pumpkins turned out absolutely amazing!  E's took a while and had LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of curse words and beer cans.  But it looked great when it was done.  And even when they were lit in the house with the lights off, Girlfriend was unimpressed.

Halloween morning -- both of us dressed in our orange and black.  Sister refused to participate, but I just wanted to show that Fish has fully arrived to the table in the last two weeks.  I'm now measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule -- I think we may have a Big Fish in there...

Halloween night proved to be full of tricks and treats.  The tricks were mostly the weather -- which was in the mid-60s but with constant rain and the occasional wind gust over 40mph!  The weather was awful.  When I got home from work, we readied our house for the trick or treaters.  Finn helped me outside move our pumpkin candles to the front of the house as the front door is easier to access than our side door which we use 100% of the time.  I didn't think that she would like the rain, but when she didn't seem to mind it, I thought that she might be okay with this trick-or-treating thing.  Due to the horrendous weather, the dogs weren't allowed to come with us -- even though the trio was a matching set.

Our Lil' Lobster of Love...

Sister's thinking "Holy hell, what chaos!"

Our trio consisted of two lobsters with a stick of butter...

I was disappointed that all our group photos had to be indoors, especially because the dogs were refusing to cooperate.  We watched the radar, but there was absolutely no letup in the rain, NONE -- the entire radar screen was green...  So we set out in the rain.

I made an impromptu homemade raincoat for my camera, which was ingenious and I will definitely be using the same technique again should I need to bring my camera out in the rain.  I didn't drag my camera with us the whole time -- but it made it to our first house for trick or treating, which was our neighbors, Bob & Anne's.

E & I figured that we would hit a total of 3-4 houses because she didn't think that Finn would enjoy walking up to strangers and saying "trick or treat" or the weather for that matter.  We ended up hitting over 10 houses and the only reason that we didn't do more was because E & I decided that the weather was too much for us!  Girlfriend was a natural once she realized that if she held up her pumpkin to the people at the door, they would put chocolate in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No fear!  One house even had a dog outside helping the owners hand out candy.  I think that was her favorite part of the night (besides eating all her candy later -- "open" became an often heard word in our house later that evening).

I was further impressed by my little girl that at each and every house upon receiving the candy in her pumpkin, I would say "Say thank you" and the girl would quietly say "thank you" while looking at the candy-giver each and every time!  That was my treat for the night!!!  The girl was a natural at trick-or-treating, which made the weather a huge disappointment, but got me really excited for the upcoming years!

I've been saving some of the photos from our pumpkin candle lighting ceremony and I'm not sure why...  Being that this is our last Halloween post until next year, they'll just land here.

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