Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh, yes, we need a little Christmas right this very minute...

Complimentary link to the above song for your listening enjoyment while reading my first (of probably many) Christmas post.

So for the last two weeks, we have been preparing for the Christmas season.  Two weeks ago, I was able to convince E to put up lights on our house.  I put up the other outside lights.  There aren't as many as I would like -- but I had to pick and choose as I had a little helper running along side of me.  I should stress that there aren't any LESS lights (with the exception of the lit garland around our front door), but I had ideas of more decor.  It will have to wait until next year as there is snow on the ground and it's below freezing.  That weekend, we also took our Christmas card photos.  It was quite the ordeal, but the card turned out great.  I'll be sharing the card later in the holiday season.

Last weekend, Finn helped me put up two of my three trees.  Three trees?  Yes, I have one in my foyer (a 9 footer) that sits on the front side of the house and I have a 7.5 footer in the living room that faces the side of the house that sits on the other road.  I also have a sentimental tree that is only 6 foot and it was up during my wedding reception.  The bows are still intact from our wedding and that one sits upstairs in our hallway, sitting at a window that faces the front of house.  Back to decorating, she was very excited about hanging ornaments on the tree.  She didn't understand the concept of the ornament hook, but she was a pro at hanging up the ornaments that had loops to hang on the tree.  She was getting so excited, it was pretty darn great.

Today, we finished our Christmas cards.  I realized a little too late that we don't have the program to print envelopes on our computer.  My envelopes weren't exactly the color that I had hoped for (I wasl looking for brown parchment, instead they were ivory).  So part of my idea for the envelopes was squashed.  Due to the lack of Microsoft, I had to improvise and my improvisation worked for about 40 cards.  I got the return address printed on the back of the cards.  (Just a sidebar:  I'm kind of a perfectionist about things -- "When I want them a certain way, I WANT them to look a certain way.")  Well, the printer decided to go on strike.  The envelopes started jamming and then it refused to print anymore.  I ended up with 8 black fingertips, ink all over the bottom of my robe as well as on my thigh and the bottom of my foot.  The score ended up being Printer 1, Me 0.  So I had to write with my very own terrible writing each envelope.  They are done -- but the envelopes aren't exactly the way that I wanted them.  Miniscule.

I've also got the majority of my Christmas shopping done already.  There are still at least 5 people that I am waiting for inspiration to strike on their gifts.  But I also have more than enough people finished and crossed off my list to make me feel like I'm in a good place.

Santa also sent Finn a video to let her know that she was on the nice list.  The Portable North Pole does a phenomenal job on personalized videos.  And this year was pretty incredible to watch her reaction to hearing Santa say her name.  She was memorized.  We watched that video at least five times already.  I also videotaped her watching it for the first time.  E also got a video from Santa telling him that he needs to be nicer to me (they also make adult versions of those videos).  (ha!)

I'm also starting to think of what I want to do with Finn this Christmas season. I know that we are celebrating St. Nicholas Day which is coming up next Friday.  And we are also going to be doing an Advent calendar which will start on Sunday.  There is an upcoming visit to Santa in the mall and hopefully a lot of Christmas music, present wrapping, Charlie Brown & the Grinch watching, & holiday baking.  I'm really excited for the holiday season.

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