Monday, December 2, 2013

A (long-over-due) Week in the Life (v.16.1) -- Thanksgiving edition

It was a girls weekend as E usually goes away hunting over Thanksgiving weekend.
Friday, we laid low, but Saturday morning we got out and went to Dunkin' Donuts. 

Sister seriously loves her some donuts (well, she loves the sprinkles on the donuts)! 

We did a little shopping where Finn was taking selfies left and right. 

(A little jump back as I didn't want this to be the first photo in the post.)
Thursday night, my printer and I had a serious war.  The printer won.  Our Christmas card envelopes then had to be hand-written in my awful handwriting...  Thankfully, no one saves the envelopes.  There is another photo with my OTHER hand filled with ink as well as the bottom of my foot -- Don't ask.

Saturday late afternoon found us sick.  Poor Finn developed a fever for the rest of the weekend and didn't feel well at all.

This is what I saw the entire day on Sunday.  We didn't get out of our jammies or brush our hair and someone wanted to be constantly in my arms.  We have a doctor's appointment this morning, which I'm hopeful they are going to tell me that it's just molars and possibly an ear infection.

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