Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Week in the Life -- The Holiday Edition Part I (v.16.2)

Last Friday night, we headed over to the local mall to meet up with the Fat Man in the Red Suit.  We got her all dolled up and she was excellent waiting in line (about 45 minutes).  She was excellent when we would point to Santa and ask her if she wanted to sit on his lap.  But the minute that I got within two feet of him, her fingers created a death-grip on my arm and she didn't want anything to do with him.

Saturday, we stuck close to home all day as we got about 6 inches of snow.  She put on Daddy's hat that Mommy made and was running around the house.

Being cute in Daddy's hat

Watching the snow fall

I also got a little artsy-fartsy and made some Christmas trees for the bay window in our kitchen.

A grocery selfie -- I have at least 15 photos that look exactly like this currently on my phone.

We were making cookies on Sunday night (as you can tell by the frosting around her mouth) and she started singing.  I tried to catch it, but she flubbed up after "N, O, P" and couldn't pick it back up.  She tried to distract me by asking where Daddy was.

Then she went back at it and I was able to catch most of it -- apparently on Sunday night, she was very into starting at "Q, R, S" and singing all the way through.  (PS Yes, she is standing at our stovetop, but we have a child-lock on the stove that was currently on.)

We are doing the "12 days of Christmas" at our house, gearing up for Christmas presents.  I went to the dollar store and bought 12 gifts and she gets to open them sporadically through the month of December.  This was the "big" end gift -- a little black purse.  I think she really liked it.

Daddy dressed her for school and the purse matches her outfit perfectly!

PS the hat was also Daddy...

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