Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gone fishin' at 33 weeks

We are down to a single-digit countdown with 7 weeks to go.  Holy crap!

I had a doctor's appointment a week ago Friday.  I've been struggling with my doctor's schedule for the last week or so.  The last appointment as well as the upcoming two had to be "rescheduled" by his office for various reasons.  To say that I was frustrated when I went in to see him last Friday was an understatement.  But he worked with me and we rescheduled the next two appointments that I would be able to see him (and not another provider as the front office tried to schedule me for).

Fish is going quite well in there -- I'm a good oven, I guess.  His heartbeat was strong and steady and he has been moving a lot!  In other great news, we are able to travel back to Iowa for the holidays!  He approved my travel, telling me that we are going to be needing to make frequent stops anyways for me to use the restroom, which would be sufficient to get the blood flowing.  There will also be no ultrasound needed.  This appointment I was measuring ahead of schedule still, but only by 3.5 weeks (instead of 4.5 as last appointment).  He said that with the slight decrease in measurements along with the fact that I'm weighing less pregnancy-weight-wise this time (I had gained 5 pounds more with Finorah by this point) and that I was also measuring 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule with her the entire pregnancy, he saw no need for an ultrasound.

Physically, I'm still feeling pretty good.  I'm definitely pregnant, but feeling okay pregnant most of the time.  I am constantly short of breath this pregnancy.  Walking up the stairs in our house winds me, especially if I'm carrying Finn up.  I sound like I just finished hiking up the side of a mountain when I reach the top of those 14 stairs.  I am constantly exhausted, but not tired.  Taking the extra iron has helped with this slightly, but I still feel physically run down. I have developed a case of pregnancy insomnia a couple of nights each week.  In fact, there have been at least 3-4 times in the last month where I spontaneously woke up at 2:30-3:00am and just couldn't fall back asleep.  I got out of bed every time and got some things done downstairs while the house slept and surprisingly wasn't tired for the rest of the next day.  He is definitely sitting lower than Finn ever did.  I have to get up at least 2-3 times each night to use the bathroom.  In fact, last Friday after E's holiday party from the hours of 10pm - 6am I used the bathroom no less than 6 times (and I didn't even drink a lot at the party because I didn't want to be constantly in the restroom there).  I also have had the urge to use the bathroom seconds after I have used the bathroom -- those nights are SUPER annoying and I try to physically lift him on my bladder.  He usually gets mad and keeps me awake for another half hour after if I'm trying to go back to sleep.  And my ligaments are loosening up nicely for delivery.  Rolling over in bed is a struggle as is getting in and out of my car which requires me to lift my leg to get in.

This past weekend, we picked up his nursery furniture (and I totally bought some skinny jeans in my pre-pregnancy size because they were on sale -- hopefully didn't jinx myself!) and E put that together for me on Sunday.  It was a challenge to figure out how all of it was going to fit into their shared room.  It's tight in there and we had to remove the doll house that my grandfather built me (which housed Finorah's books) to get everything to snugly fit.  I didn't like the arrangement at first, but I think that it's really growing on me now.  It's very cozy in there now.  There are still some things that I have to figure out, but having the extra crib in the room is making this seem pretty imminent.

I also started to get all of his clothes out and around to begin the washing process.  Now that I have a chifferobe to store his clothes in, I can start to really prepare for his arrival.  It still feels pretty surreal that I'm going to be a boy mom.  I say that I'm nervous is an understatement.  I'm really good at being a girl mom -- having a little boy is going to be such a big change.

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