Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baking with Daddy

E makes a mean Irish bread.  It's not quite an Irish soda bread, although it doesn't require baking soda as we found out once when he forgot to put it in.  To say that you could break a window with that bread was putting it mildly.  But it's more like an Irish brown bread and tastes delicious served warm with a little butter and some raw sugar sprinkled on top.  Hey, while I like some comforting carbs, they always taste better with just a little sweet.  

E makes this bread so frequently that he doesn't even need a recipe anymore.  He knows it off the top of his head.  I've made some suggestions on what I think would be MY perfect Irish brown bread (like maybe some dried cherries).  But I think that he likes the recipe as is and it is perfection to him.

Over Thanksgiving and before he left for his hunting trip, he made a batch to bring with him and he let Finn help.  She is a big helper and loves to stand at the counter to see what's cooking up there.  She isn't at the point where she likes to get her hands dirty, as in there was absolutely NO hand kneading of the bread for her.  But she will definitely use her spatula to scoop with the best of them and try to eat as much of the flour as possible.

The bread turned out fabulously (as it always does).  And I think that the photos will go down in history as some of my favorite daddy-daughter bonding (so far) despite the wild tresses...

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