Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow bunny

Last weekend, we got a little snow storm on Saturday.  We ended up with about 6 inches in on the ground.  It snowed for the majority of the day on Friday evening and Saturday.  Finn has always enjoyed seeing the small amount of snow that had fallen previously this year.  She has enjoyed eating it and making little snow balls in her hands with the light dustings that we have had.

Saturday, she got her first real opportunity to play in the snow.  I think the girl is a born natural!  We played outside for about a half an hour while the snow came down.

At first, she was a little reluctant to walk about in the snow that already past her ankles.  She wasn't sure how to walk in it or if it would move out of her way if she shuffled her feet.  After a little coaxing, I got her walking and she realized how much fun it was to run through the snow.  Her enthusiasm was only heightened when we let the dogs out.  Munk is a snow dog -- there is no doubt about it.  And he was over-joyed with all the snow.  He was running around and chasing Bishop.

In fact, Finn & Munk started up a game of catch with snow balls which left her in a state of giggles.

Daddy even got into the game and made bigger snowballs for Munk, throwing them up in the air to let him jump and catch them.  You would have thought that he had a big red nose on for how much Finn laughed.  When it was time to go inside because Mommy & Daddy were getting cold, she refused (of course) and after a couple of threats to leave her outside by herself, she managed to trudge over to us and we headed in to watch the snow from the warmth of inside.

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