Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Week in the Life (v.2015.12)

Finn's School Daze 1.2 ( 

 Fish on Finn's second day of school.  He was really excited until he got pulled inside when she got to go for a ride (to school).

 Finn's School Daze 1.3

We broke out the Halloween decorations last week.  We have an owl that is motion detected and we were seeing if Fish would be as scared of it as Finn was at that age.  Answer...  Yes.  Sort of.

Selfie Time!

We also made "monster cookies" over the past weekend.

Auntie Anita's birthday was also last week and so we lit candles in her honor and got to blow them out.

School Daze 2.1

School Daze 2.2

We also got a package last week from Mimi.  It was a Halloween package, but it had some extra goodies in there for the kids.  Fish got a backpack.  Is he excited about his backpack?  YES!

Finn got a Frozen dress that she was OVER THE MOON about.

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to puppysit for Lona, who was a 13 week old Border Collie owned by one of the guys that works for E.  She was a riot.  The kids loved her!

She loved the kids.  This is her on the first afternoon.  The kids did a good job of tiring her out.

Fish couldn't understand why we let sleeping puppies lay.

So he got in her crate instead.

The best of friends!

Mornings are always better in our robe (especially when we have a little puppy that is still working on not jumping).

So this is the two of them at the beginning of the weekend.  Lucy was NOT about to have a rambunctious puppy in her house. (Lucy is on the right about 20 feet away from Lona).

School Daze 2.3
It's wonderful to see her SOOOOO excited about school each day.  I think we picked the right school!

This was Lona and Lucy by the end of the weekend.  Apparently, Lucy has a soft spot for cute, cuddy puppy (kind of like me).

Over the past weekend, I also finished re-upholstering my sofa.  I LOVE IT!!!! (and we hung up some photos)  Now I have the chaise, the rocking chair, the ottoman, and the sofa done.  Along with all the pillows.  Now I just have to finish reupholstering our two wingback chairs and I'll be ready to show you photos of our new living room!

Granny and Opa also visited for the weekend!

School Daze 3.1
Notice Fish's backpack!  He HAS to put it on every single morning.

Their back backpacks.

Going to pick up Sissy at school.  Notice the backpack (every time)!

School Daze 3.2
Fish is trying to stand like Finn (liking his sock with sandals, no?).

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