Thursday, September 17, 2015

First Day of School!

On Monday, Finn had her first day of preschool.  Monday morning was also the morning that E unloaded our last moving truck worth of stuff from Cleveland.  So I'm STILL knee deep in boxes!  Will this madness ever cease!!!  Back to the subject at hand, Finn's preschool.  We were lucky to find amazing neighbors that have their kids in the same preschool and that preschool had an opening, so within a month of arriving in Doylestown, she is starting up in school on the first day, just like everyone else.  I thought it was important that she started on the same day as all the other kids, so that I could tell her that while she is nervous and scared, so are the other kids, because it's their first day as well.

It worked wonders!  That and the fact that we were able to visit the school three times before classes started (twice with me and the kids while speaking with the director and once at orientation with both E & I there).  She was super comfortable in the classroom on orientation, sitting front and center when the teacher wanted to read the kids a story and piping up as the teacher asked questions -- it was a delight to see.  There were no tears from her on the first dropoff either, which E did.  We all drove to the school and Finn picked Daddy to walk her into the school.  Fish on the other hand was full of tears.  He wanted to go to school with his sister and told me the ENTIRE time that E was in dropping Finn off.

We have had two days completed at the time of this post and she is still loving school.  She goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings only.  And tomorrow, the theme is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom -- she is OVER THE MOON about it.  When I was talking to her on Sunday before school even started, we went over the entire week. When I got to Friday and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, she said "I have that book!!!  It's upstairs!!!!  Should I go get it?!?!?!"

And upon pickup both times, the teacher said that she did great and that she was a real sweetheart.  In fact, yesterday, she didn't want to go to me immediately.  She was too busy trying to tell the teacher her new address.  Of course, initially when I ask her about her day, she is always really glum about it and says that the kids were mean to her -- but the more that I pry about her day, the more excited she gets.  And by the end, she doesn't even remember telling me about the mean kids (which I think may be a little dramatics on her part due to the facts that she gives about those "mean kids").  Overall, she is loving school and is super excited to be a "big girl"!

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