Friday, September 11, 2015

MONTHS in the life (v.2015.11)

So, yeah... July and August happened to us and hit us like a ton of bricks...  And now it's September as we are still reeling slightly from them.  I'll try and put as many photos and videos from the last months here.  I'm hopeful that now that we are moved and settling that I will being to update again.  I have photos up the wahoo that I'm really excited to share.

Near the end, even Lucy was saying "This moving sh*t is for the birds..." 

Someone was trying to weasel her way to out going to sleep.

This is the only reason why I go back to Iowa in July.  My brother is kind enough to give me all the peas. 

Someone isn't necessarily a morning person. 

We started practicing "Elsa" braids.  I'm not very good at them yet. 

My future is so bright, I have to wear double shades.

God's country

Sick boy 

My final piece of Iowa... Breakfast pizza. 

Her first of many, many, many rainbows.

Being an amazing big sister

Singing happy birthday

The sleeping positions of my kids -- Photo #ALOT 

Someone was super excited about the mall train.  Like SUPER EXCITED.

He absolutely LOVED it.

Another photo of the sleeping positions of my kids.  Can you tell that I'm infatuated? 

Trying to work the computer like Mommy 

In the middle of the move crisis, one day, I thought that I was gaining stress weight and at 11pm that evening, I realized for the first time that my pants were on backwards the entire day.  Good times. 

One final photo of the place where my babies came into the world. 

Our move was an entire disaster.  We were promised a 53' semi trailer entirely for us and this is what they show up with -- at 7:30pm! 

More sleeping positions of my kids... Are you tired of them yet? 

Oh, and the moving guys?  They ran into our house! 

This photo makes me sooooooo sad. 

Every night, she must read me a bedtime story.

Goofy boy! 

But we made it to Bucks County and they have amazing parks.  We hit this one up with my parents in first couple of days here. 

This is the monstrosity in its entirety. 

She made her own computer out of her record player and a kiddie toy tablet. 

Playing at the same park from above.  E's sister came to visit the next weekend. 

Having fun at the park! 

Loving on Auntie Anita! 

The kid was taking bites out of my burger!!!!! 

Our new kitchen light fixtures! 

We have a pass through fireplace between the living room and the kitchen which you can barely see at the bottom of the photo -- this is the mantle in the kitchen.

A photo from the other side of the kithen. 

The kids eating lunch in their play room. 

I'm a moron and decided to reupholster every single piece of furniture that we are going to place in our living room.  But I have an amazing vision that I'm super excited to show you.  This is Crystal Blue Persuasion -- which is the fabric for our sofa.

Our Labor Day weekend started like this!  With a BANG!  POW!  ZING! 

Asleep in the car on the way up to the Catskills.

She fell asleep watching Frozen.  Too cute.

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