Monday, December 14, 2015

Our letters to Santa

After the Santa debacle on the North Pole Express and because girlfriend really doesn't want trucks for Christmas, E sat down with her a couple of nights ago to write her letter to Santa.  And then once she was finished with her letter, she dictated Fish's letter as (being that he doesn't speak well enough to write a letter).  Hilarity ensued...


Dear Santa,                                  
I have been good.  I am sorry for
being sad and not talking to you when we
were on the train.  I do have some questions.
I help with chores and I clean up with Mom & Dad.
I don't cry when I go to school.  I always help put
decorations on the tree.  I don't eat everything on my
plate and I am sorry.  When we got to the grocery
store I know what to buy.  I need a lot of presents
for a girl so I am going to fill up the whole bottom of
this letter.  I don't drink beer.  I always take care
of the pets and I am nice to them and I pet them.
I drink my milk.  I like apples with peanut butter.  I
like to play on swings if your mom says ok but if she
says no, I am fine with that.  My brother is named
Fish.  I play with him nice sometimes.  I'm sorry
for not getting along with Fish.  It's my fault (do I still
get presents?).  I am going to try to eat better.  I
share my little ponies with Fish because I have a lot
of them.  I also wake up in the mornings.  I like
to watch TV and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes.  If I am
bad do I still get presents?  I like yellow,
pink, blue, white, purple, red, & black colors.  I
ate all of my chicken nuggets on my plate today.

Please, Santa, can I please have all
the My Little Ponies (the sparkly ones) like
Princess Celestia, Princess Selena, and Princess Cadence.
(I already have Twilight Sparkle so I don't need her), Barbie
Princess dolls, Magic Clip dolls, My Little Pony Castle,
real live chickens, I do not want trucks,
My Little Pony Pops, My Little Pony bags.  No
beer because I don't like beer.  My Little Pony books
because I don't have any of them.  Training wheels
for my bicycle, lipstick, fingernail polish (red, black,
white, yellow), suckers (lollipops), coloring books.  Toy
reindeer, princess play-doh, a playground for me to play in,
fruit snacks.  Thank you, have a safe trip.

(This letter is from Fish as told by Finn)
Dear Santa,
My name is Fish.  I am Finn's brother.
I am 1.  I bite Finn.  I like to color with
my sister Finn using crayons.  I eat all of my
food.  I steal toys from my sister.  I sometimes
pull the cats' hair, but my sister pets them.  I like
trucks, my sister does not like trucks.  I am
cute.  I am loud.  I promise to start not being
bad.  I will start to be nice to Finn.  She is nice.
I will be nicer and stop biting and pulling Mom's hair.

For Christmas, I would like more blankies,
trucks, dogs that are stuffed like a
teddy bear, my own Little Ponies (if not Finn
can give me her old ones and she can get new
sparkly ones), Christmas ornaments, and more trucks.

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