Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Current odds & ends

This was my Mother's Day.  It didn't look this gorgeous all day.  We got dressed about 15 minutes before these photos were taken.  We were outside most of the day, cleaning up the yard (at least part of it).  We are getting ready for a seriously great summer!  Now that Finn has a huge playset and we have a great patio set, all we need to do is find some friends with kids and have some great BBQs & beers!

Random observations:
  • Fish has a serious obsession with snuggling with blankets.  He loves grabbing handfuls of the blankets and bringing them up by his face.  He loves having a blanket up by his ears while he is napping.  On both ears.  I'm not sure how this is going to work during the summer when the weather is sweltering, but it works for now.

  • Finn is really hitting her Finn the Fierce stride right now.  She is all about hitting when she gets angry and kicking has become a new thing.  I know that it's only a phase and that I just need to be on top of it.  But sometimes it can be super annoying, as she is constantly angry at something it seems lately.

  • I've come to realize that Fish is not a good second-baby.  He would have been a super-phenomenal first baby.  He is a great sleeper -- usually only eating once at night and then again at 5am (or at least he was a week or so ago -- we have now reverted to at least 2-3 times a night waking up to eat) and he is a great napper during the day.  He is a great baby when you are holding him and he is awake.  But we still aren't at the point where he is okay on his own, entertaining himself.  And maybe I'm just getting my baby facts wrong and this doesn't come until a little later.  I can't remember Finn being this needy when awake.  I'm trying to enjoy it as it's the last time.  But it's difficult when you have a two-year-old that also needs your attention.  But most of the times, I get tired because he is such a lunker that my arms get tired.  I'm going to have guns of steel by the time this kid learns to walk.

  • Finn has also entered into that whole I-don't-wanna-share thing.  But it's only with strange kids -- not with her brother.  Most of the time, she will give up her Lambie Lovie for Fish if she thinks that he is having "a moment" (which is how we are fond of calling it) or let Brother hold her baby.  But last week, our time at the library and also at a playdate that we went to, she had a very difficult time seeing other kids want to play with the same toys.  In fact, she threw her first all-out temper tantrum, like falling-to-the-floor-kicking-and-screaming tantrum in the library (of all places -- a quiet library) because I told her that we were going to go home if she couldn't share this little play-house the library had set up.  Needless to say, she didn't share and we left.  I was thankful for the lady outside the library and saw I was struggling, trying to hold an infant in a carseat in one hand, a huge diaper bag over my shoulder and my kicking & screaming two-year-old under my other arm like a sac of flour.  She said "Let me guess...  Two?  And new?" pointing to both of my kids.  God bless that woman.

  • We have two playdates that we are going to this week.  I hope that the women are kind.  I'm pretty fearful about these things as I tried this group when Finn was teeny and it didn't go well.  It was a momma-night-out and I sat in the middle of the table so that I couldn't just sit in the corner and not participate.  Well, these ladies decided that they didn't want to speak with me -- so instead they just spoke over me.  It was really rude and it ended my idea of finding new friends outside of work.  When I considered this group again (as it's the only SAHM mom group that I could find and it's pretty big), I checked to see if those girls were still members.  They aren't, which sadly made me pretty happy.  I hope that these ladies are more welcoming to new people.
  • We are now entering into the potty training phase.  I haven't started to seriously potty train with her.  But she goes on the potty at least 2-3 a week.  She still can't realize before she has to go and will tell us she has to go while she is peeing.  But if I can catch her after she wakes up (either in the morning or after a nap) or sometimes right before bed.  We usually try each of those times, but aren't successful every time.  I know that once she gets it, she'll get it.  We aren't pressuring -- just trying to go with the flow. (Ha!  Pun intended!)
  • On a similar note, we are also weaning out the binkie.  If I didn't have an infant that uses them, I would have just gotten rid of them altogether.  So we have now deemed them only for nap time and bedtime.  And the naptime binkie is only used when she is laying down.  We started this last week and she is good without them during the day now.  Initially, she was stealing Brother's binkies, but now she realizes when they are good and when they aren't.  Within the next month, I'm hoping to finally take them away by "giving them to the Binkie Fairy."  Wish me luck on that one.

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