Sunday, May 11, 2014

To all my mother f'ers out there...

Just kidding -- To all the beautiful mothers out there -- whether it be of two legged children or four, wishing you a very happy mother's day!

And it seems fitting to do this again exactly two years later, but I'm going to talk about Daddies on Mother's Day.

Two years ago, this post was written.  It happens to be the most popular post on this blog as it was featured in another article featuring the world's best fathers.  How the author of that article ever found our little blog is beyond me.  But due to the popularity gained from that article, that blog post gets hits from all sorts of google image searches, mostly searches for "father-daughter tattoos", "daddy tattoos", and "daughter tattoos for fathes"s.  But I was quite shocked to learn that you can also find images of our blog when you google image search "tramp stamp".  Yikes!

Anyways, I went to my friend's Kentucky Derby this year, leaving Daddy alone with Fish for the first time.  Daddy didn't let me down in his high-jinx again. I'll let the videos do all the talking...

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