Friday, May 16, 2014

A week in life (v.2014.15)

When I saw this photo, my first thought was...

This moment in Tommy Boy.

Somebody was "row, row, rowing" her boat with her toy mop.

We did some fingerpainting for the girls next door.


We got a little carried away with our homemade Mother's Day gifts for Mimi and Granny

Finn & Fish made little birds with their hand prints (although they do look like little fish) & Finn glued some brown paper bag strips as a nest.  We also made thumb print key chains out of baked clay.

Love the hat!

Someone wasn't impressed.

Still love his face.

Playing on her swingset that is all set-up in the yard.

Munk even got in on the playing in the yard

Brother just chilled in his momma-made tent.

This is the look that you give when you have no diaper on and you pee out of your pack-n-play.  Somehow, very little pee made it inside the pack-n-play -- it was through the mesh screen and onto the floor.

On our way to the zoo last Friday -- someone stole poor Brother's snugglin' blanket.

Pushin' two kids around the zoo is a serious work-out.  This was my view.

When she saw all the other kids walking around her, someone wanted to be a big girl and walk.

Zoo tour guide Finn

AAANNNNNND we're done.  Someone was getting tired after an hour and a half in the zoo, which was perfect as lots of people were hitting up the zoo by noon.

My chunky monkey.

Someone got into the diaper salve as I was in the shower.  If you can't see, it's all over her face, in her hair, and all over both legs. Girlfriend was very efficient and didn't miss a spot.

Her look in this photo just makes me laugh.  But man, is that stuff oily!  She had greasy bangs all day yesterday (even after a bath that morning)!

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