Thursday, May 8, 2014

Country roads, take me home...

As the John Denver song goes, "Country roads, take me home to the place I belong."  Our trip home was wonderful.  The drive out was great with a kid in each car and an adult to keep the kid entertained.  We made it there in record time.  I can't even describe the feeling that I get every time my car gets to the crest of that hill and then when we pop over it, you can see the Mississippi and Iowa on the other side.  Almost heaven.

Lots of Mimi and Papa lovin' was spread around.  Finn made sure to get her Mimi and Papa time in -- A LOT.  It was a lot of "No, Mimi do it." or "Where's Tapa?" (her cute little way of saying Papa).  There was also a lot of cousin Owen.  She couldn't get enough of him.

photo courtesy of Mandy 

We went over to my brother's place one night and grilled out.  The kids got to play in the yard.  There were slides, sandboxes, kites, balls and bubbles.  It was a great night to be a kid (if only the weather was just a little warmer -- it will be next time we are home).

photo courtesy of Mandy 

photo courtesy of Mandy 

photo courtesy of Mandy
One of my favorite photos -- it looks like they have some serious convo's out there.

Sunday was our family Easter egg hunt.  As mentioned before, she made out like a bandit.  There was more than enough eggs to go around and she was definitely an overachiever.  With only three kids and so many eggs, one got tired after all the big eggs and prizes were picked up and the other realized that there was candy on the inside of the eggs and started opening the eggs as he picked them up.  Finn was still running around like crazy until the final egg was picked up.  And her bag definitely showed that!

Aunt Susie holding brother Fish.

This was also the first time that Fish and his cousin Nixon were able to get together.  If you remember during the Iowa Christmas post, my cousin had a baby boy around New Year's Eve.  So Nixon and Fish met for the first time -- only four weeks separate the two of them.  Nixon definitely has some size and pounds over Fish -- but we'll see as they got older, who is going to be pushing around who.

The Egghunters:  Noxx (Nixon's older brother), Owen (some to be older brother this summer), and Finn (Fish's older sister)
I love how Finn and Owen are holding hands.

Gram #2 Vicki holding brother

And they are off!

She was so excited to pick up eggs, she even lost her shoe!

Double-fisting it!

Hey, wait!  There is candy in these eggs.

Beautiful brother Cory

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