Thursday, May 1, 2014

A week in the life (v.2014.14)

Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care!

Sisterly love.  The video totally makes me giggle, especially Fish's face when Finn's fingers are all over his face.

As mentioned earlier -- we were in Iowa for the past week and a half.  It was much needed.  Finn loves her Papa.

Cutting up wooden sugar cookies to bake.

To say that Finn got to do some crazy things while back home is an understatement.  Riding on the "tractor" with Papa.

The next time I looked out, Papa wasn't driving anymore.  "Look, Ma!  No hands!"

Whach you talkin' 'bout, Willis?

We went over to my brother's place and Finn got to fly a kite for the first time.

She loved watching the "diamond in the sky".

I couldn't get to my car, get my phone, and then get over there quick enough to get a long video.

Brother was totally chillin' with the chicks on the patio.

Cousin Owen sliding down his slide.

Finn sliding down the slide.  It was a big hit!


Happy boy.

My family also postponed their Easter Egg hunt for us.  To say that she got spoiled, is quite the understatement.

There were three kids for six bags of eggs.  I somehow think that I as a parent is now being punished for my child being an overachiever.  The other two boys stopped before all the eggs were picked up.  This girl just kept going and going and going...

Fish got passed around inside and then passed around again.  Uncle Burhead got his turn.

The results of a hard-earned bag of candy-filled eggs.

Owen came over to Mimi & Papa's and they decided to share Owen's cowboy boots.

I drove home solo yesterday.  10 hours.  Long time.  But this photo...  Not only are they both sleeping -- but Finn's sunglasses are on upside down...

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