Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  These kids.  Oh, these kids.  We are currently in Iowa, so all of the photos are photos from my phone.  And getting clear photos of the two of them together is near impossible with my phone.  With Fish weighing over 15 pounds and Finn weighing about 26 -- he weighs over half her weight at the age of 8 weeks.  Even though she can't pick him up like she would prefer, she loves to have him sit on her lap.  All the giggles come out as well as the head flops from Brother who is trying so hard to get control of his melon. 

Two.  This kid.  I'm finding that he is a routine-er, just like me.  He is not too keen to be deviated from the normal happenings despite the photo.  With my family visiting us last weekend and us being in Iowa this week, he has been the crabbiest I have ever seen him (save a day or two during some growth spurting).  I think that he likes HIS stuff and he likes HIS routine.  And he is definitely letting me know that he isn't fond of the changes.

Three.  This dog.  This poor dog.  I think that he is seriously going through some sort of depression since Bishop passed.  This weather hasn't been the greatest to get him out and enjoying himself chasing a ball (his favorite) or a walk (another favorite).  But when he is able to get out and play, he begins limping after the first throw or two and then we have to quit as the limp worsens.  I know that I haven't been able to pay enough attention to him as two cranky kids usually occupy my time.  I have a little fitness goal that I'm going to start when I return to Ohio and I'm hoping that I can whip the two of us back into shape.

Four.  These two stuffed animals.  The dog is for Finn and the bear is for Fish.  My aunt and cousin gave them to them last night.  The dog is named Bishop -- I almost cried it was so sweet.  And Bishop even worn a pink tutu on occasion -- I have some photos for proof. 

Five.  This mom.  I look exhausted (and am a lot of the times).  I feel like my patience runs thin quickly. I haven't wore decent makeup in over a month.  I STILL can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I'm tired.  I'm tired of not feeling like myself, of not feeling put together or of not feeling like I look good in my clothes.  I'm hoping that when we return home, I'll be able to take at least an hour for myself each morning.  I want to fit back into my clothes as well as to start feeling like myself and not just Finn & Fish's mom (which is pretty much all I feel like lately).  If I can start to get exercise in, I hope to not feel AS exhausted -- but I'm not crazy to think that I'm not going to feel tired sometimes. Lots of goals to start off my SAHM gig...

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