Monday, April 7, 2014

Daddy's Girl

Just a glimpse into our last week...


With the arrival of Fish & Mommy's new role as newborn-caretaker, Finn has a new #1 in our household.  Daddy is the best thing next to sliced bread around here.  She wants him to help her with everything she does.  She wants to be everywhere he is.  And she wants to to do everything he does.  While it took me a couple of days to realize that no one can take away my role as her "mama" even though I'm not her current "go-to", I love watching the two of these guys.  I've always told E that he needs to do some serious teaching where she is concerned.  I want her to wear leather and ruffles.  I've got plenty of girly things to teach her.  But I want him to teach her how to fix a car, how to ride a dirt bike, and how to tap a keg (just kidding!).  It appears that he is also dipping into his more feminine side and spilling the secrets of his Irish brown bread recipe to her.  She is going to be quite the strong, independent woman!

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